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County Tests for Blue-Green Algae at Several Park Properties with Ponds


​*This story was updated on Aug. 21. It was originally posted on Aug. 16.

On Aug. 16park rd park pond, the County began posting warning signs around 14 Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation properties with ponds after one tested positive for toxic algae.

Testing performed Aug. 15 at the pond at Park Road Park by Park and Recreation and Mecklenburg County Storm Water Services confirmed that the pond tested positive for the toxic version of blue-green algae.
Park and Recreation recently requested that Storm Water Services test for the presence of the toxic version of blue-green algae at 14 park properties with ponds. The remaining 13 properties are being tested over the next two weeks. (See link)

Park and Recreation has posted signs warning pets and people to stay out of the water. Treatment options are being considered and Park and Recreation will continue to evaluate these ponds until the level of blue-green algae drops below toxic levels. 

Until further notice, Park and Recreation encourages visitors to avoid contact with all ponds. Do not allow pets to enter or drink from any pond, and keep dogs on a leash to minimize the chance of coming into contact with the water.

This warning is only for ponds. Creeks and streams with flowing water are not typically impacted by blue-green algae that grows when water does not move. 
 Additional information on blue-green algae is available here.