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​Mecklenburg County-Funded Child Care Subsidy FY20 Update 


mecklenburgThe child care subsidy waitlist in effect in Mecklenburg County as of July 1, 2019 has been cleared thanks to the County's ongoing investment and partnership with Child Care Resources Inc. (CCRI). 

As of October 31, more than 1,100 previously unserved children ages birth to five were deemed eligible for child care subsidy through the County's Waitlist Reduction Initiative (WLRI). The Waitlist Reduction Initiative was launched in FY18 to provide additional funding for child care subsidies to low income working families when state and/or federal funding is not available.  

In June, the Board of County Commissioners approved $20 million to go toward County-funded child care subsidies, to reduce the number of children on the County's child care subsidy waitlist. Following the adoption of the budget on July 1, CCRI invited 1,954 families from the waitlist to apply for funding through the County's allocation.   

After determining eligibility, 1,134 previously unserved children ages birth to five, were enrolled. To date, a total of 1,688 children are being provided childcare subsidies with County funding, an increase of 191 percent from June 30, 2019. Additionally, the families of 803 children ages birth to five on CCRI's current subsidy waitlist have been invited to apply for funding with intake sessions currently taking place from now until the end of December.  

"This is a huge accomplishment for the County and one that we've spent more than three years trying to achieve," said County Manager Dena R. Diorio. "It pleases me to know that these families now have access to high quality child care." 

Update Overview:   

  • In October 2019, 1,406 families with children ages birth to five pre-K were enrolled in WLRI subsidy.  
  • 1,688 children are enrolled and receiving high-quality child care that will improve their school readiness.  
  • 91.5% of children served were enrolled in 4- and 5-star (higher rated) licensed child care programs.
  • 243 licensed Mecklenburg child care programs provided services to these children and families.

These families:   

  • Earned an average of $2,539/month ($30,468 annually).  
  • Are expected to earn $42,858,321 annually (now that they have secure and quality child care arrangements in place)  
  • Contributed $191,302 toward the cost of monthly child care (expected to pay $2.3 million per year)  

All families receiving WLRI subsidy are required to make a copayment of 10 percent of their household income to offset the cost of their child care.  

close alert Health Alert: To prevent spread of COVID-19, County services are operating at a limited capacity.