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​FY2021 Performance Report Results Available


The FY2021 Performance Report provides an overview of the accomplishments that have occurred during year two of Mecklenburg County's FY2020-FY2022 strategic business plan. 

"Mecklenburg County continues to strive for excellence, despite the pandemic. I look forward to another year of making a great impact in our organization and community," said County Manager Dena R. Diorio.

Achievements include:

  • Personal and real property tax collection rate was 99.22%, and  has been consistently over 99% the last five fiscal years.
  • 786 children were served via the County's MECK Pre-K program, which provides affordable early childhood care and education to County residents.
  • 97% of individuals served in three of the County's supportive housing programs were stably housed and remained stably housed at the end of the fiscal year.

The report also reveals the impact of the pandemic on the County community.

  • Customer satisfaction surveys went from 216,285 unique responses in FY2020 to 120,324 unique responses in FY2021 due to closures. In FY2022, several County departments implemented online surveys for those customers served who were not able to receive a paper survey at a facility.
  • Active library cardholders decreased from 36% of County households (FY2020) to 32% (FY2021) because of COVID-19 related closures.
  • The Unified Workforce Development retention rate declined from 63% (FY2020) to 57% (FY2021). The decline was driven by layoffs due to the pandemic and customers concerned about the risks of working.

Director of Strategic Planning & Evaluation Dr. Monica Allen shared the results with Board of County Commissioners during their meeting on Jan. 11. The presentation and report are also available online.