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​County Releases Second Report on Evictions

eviction noticeThe report, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Evictions Part 2: Mapping Evictions, is now available. This is the second report in a series focused on evictions in Charlotte-Mecklenburg. The report marks the first time that local eviction data has been mapped; showing where evictions occur and exploring characteristics of neighborhoods with high and low rates of evictions. Two important parts of the process are mapped: complaints in summary ejectment and writs of possession. 

This report builds off the first evictions report that was released in September 2017, “Charlotte-Mecklenburg Evictions Part 1: An Introduction to Evictions in Charlotte-Mecklenburg,” which outlined the local formal eviction process and includes data from Mecklenburg County.

A formal eviction involves a legal process in which a landlord attempts to regain possession of a leased premises from a tenant. Other tenants may be informally evicted outside of the legal system. The eviction data in these reports refer to formal evictions, which is likely an undercount of all evictions that take place in Mecklenburg County because there is currently no data available on informal evictions.

Some of the findings of the report include: 

From FY2003 to FY2015, the number of areas where evictions concentrated increased and gradually shifted outward toward the edges of Mecklenburg County.
The neighborhoods in Mecklenburg County that have been and continue to be most affected by formal evictions are in East, Northeast, West, and Southwest Charlotte. 
A neighborhood indicator associated with lower rates of households at risk of formal eviction was the presence of development-based subsidized housing, which decreases housing costs.

The geospatial pattern of evictions in Mecklenburg County shows that not all Mecklenburg County residents have access to the same opportunities for long-term housing stability. Neighborhood analysis also provides insight into possible solutions, including housing assistance.

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Evictions Part 2 report is part of a local series about homelessness and housing instability funded by Mecklenburg County Community Support Services and initiated by the Housing Advisory Board of Charlotte-Mecklenburg. The report was authored by the UNC Charlotte Urban Institute.

View and download the full report here