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​Clarification on COVID-19 Face Covering Health Rule


Earlier this month, County Commissioners lowered the threshold for lifting the County's face covering health rule or "mask mandate." Here are the details: 

    • The original health rule (effective August 31, 2021) stated that the COVID-19 positivity rate had to be under 5% for four consecutive weeks before the mask mandate would be lifted.
    • Earlier this month, County Commissioners agreed to lower the four consecutive week threshold to seven consecutive days. This change aligns with time frames from CDC recommendations and recent NC DHHS guidance to K-12 schools.
    • The revised public health rule goes into effect 10 days after being published, on Nov. 16.
    • Once the revised rule becomes effective on Nov. 16, the positivity rate must be below 5% for seven consecutive days for the mask mandate to be lifted instead of the previous rule's requirement of four weeks.
    • In addition, once the revised public health rule goes into effect on Nov. 16, any days prior to Nov. 16 with a positivity rate below 5% will be considered in the seven consecutive day requirement. 

The seven consecutive day positivity rate is calculated on a rolling basis and includes all PCR tests reported to NC DHHS via electronic laboratory reporting. Using the seven-day rate lowers the possibility that random spikes increase the overall positivity rate.

The current 7-day positivity rate can be viewed on Mecklenburg County's COVID-19 information and resource page.