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​2021 Property Tax Bills Mailing August 2  


​Mecklenburg County will mail 2021 bills for real property, individual personal property, and business personal property taxes on August 2, 2021. Bills are due Sept. 1, 2021 and must be paid by Jan. 5, 2022 to avoid interest.  


This year, approximately 462,000 tax bills will be mailed to taxpayers throughout the County. For certain properties whose tax records or value are under an informal or formal appeal, the respective tax bills will be subsequently mailed.  


All tax bills paid on or after Jan. 6, 2022 will be assessed interest at a rate of 2% for January. Additional interest in the amount of 0.75% will be charged for February and every month thereafter until paid. Any taxpayer who may have difficulty paying their bill is encouraged to contact the Office of the Tax Collector in August. It is imperative that taxpayers do not wait until December or after the bill is delinquent to express concern with their ability to pay. 


For those with mortgage escrow accounts, their real property tax bills are sent directly to the mortgage holder for payment, with the owner receiving a property tax notification from the Office of the Tax Collector. 


There are five ways to pay your tax bill:  

  • By Internet: Visit for a credit card, debit card, or eCheck payment. *
  • By phone: Dial toll-free 1-800-994-1026 for a credit card, debit card, or eCheck payment. *  
  • By mail: Mail a check or money order and payment stub using the return envelope that accompanied the tax bill.
  • In person: Pay at the Tax Collector's office located at the Valerie C. Woodard Center, 3205 Freedom Drive, Suite 3000, Charlotte, NC weekdays between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Cash, credit/debit cards, money order, or check payments are accepted. Make checks payable to the Mecklenburg County Tax Collector.
  • Online Banking: Note: This payment option is not recommended for tax payments. Any interest accrued due to a rejected payment cannot be removed from the tax bill. Payments are sent from your bank. A payment may take up to four business days, after it has been authorized, before it is applied to the tax bill. The entire 24-digit tax bill number must be entered in the online bill pay account number field to ensure proper payment posting to the tax bill. The payment will be rejected and returned to the financial institution if the tax bill number is missing or incorrect. Tax bill numbers from previous payments must be deleted and replaced with a current tax bill number for each payment. 


*Mecklenburg County is absorbing service fees for credit and debit card payments at this time and is subject to change. There is no service fee for eCheck payments.