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Bryant Park

1701 West Morehead Street
Central Park Region


  • 15 acres
  • Multipurpose field
  • Historic stone wall

Masterplan Improvements

Here’s an update on the plan for a skate plaza at Bryant Park:

In 2013, we completed a Master Plan for Bryant Park that included a skate park amenity. Unfortunately, the funding for the Master Plan was all that was available at the time. Though we do have several Park and Recreation Capital Projects that are funded through FY2018, Bryant Park is not on that list.

In the next year, we will be submitting a group of Park and Recreation Capital Projects for County approval. We hope to include a skate park amenity in that group, but we are looking for a joint funding partnership. We have been working with members of the skateboard community to help us spread the word: A private funding partner(s) will help us accelerate the design and construction schedule of a skate plaza at Bryant Park.

Questions? Contact Lee Jones at


Community Meetings

A Community meeting was held in May 2013 to discuss improvements to the Bryant Park masterplan. View the presentation.Meeting minutes


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Mahlon Adams Pavilion
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