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Small-Business Recycling Drop-Off Center Program 

The Mecklenburg County Solid Waste Program offers recycling services to small business owners that qualify. 

If you would like to participate as a host for a small business recycling center, there is an annual cost of $650.00 per year, which includes weekly recycling collection and an 8-cubic yard recycling can. If you are interested, contact Mecklenburg County Waste Reduction via email at      

As part of the reduced cost to provide this service, Mecklenburg County requires that the centers be open to public use. These centers will accept the same recyclable materials as the County's Residential Recycling Programs.

Companies that generate larger quantities of waste and are required to recycle paper and cardboard under the Source Separation Ordinance are not eligible for the program. 

Recyclable Items Accepted at Commercial Drop-Off Centers 

  • office paper
  • cardboard
  • clean pizza boxes
  • magazines
  • newspapers 
  • phonebooks
  • empty aerosol cans
  • milk and juice cartons
  • aluminum cans
  • steel cans 
  • tin cans
  • glass bottles
  • plastic bottles (with necks)

If you are looking for locations of other Self-Service or Full Service Recycling Centers in Mecklenburg County, click the link below: 

Residential Recycling Drop-off Centers


Office Location:

2145 Suttle Avenue
Charlotte, NC 28208


Hours: Disposal Site Hours Mon-Sat  7 a.m. - 4 p.m.


General Inquiries
311 or 980-314-3867

close alertOn July 1, 2021 Mecklenburg County will increase service capacity. Read the latest service availability update.