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​Don't​ forget to secure your load!

Construction and Demolition Recycling in Mecklenburg County

SECURE your's the law!
Properly loaded vehicles have no debris that can fall out, sift, leak or escape. If debris can get out, you're breaking the law. If that debris causes property damage or bodily injury, you can face penalties or even jail time. Keep trash and construction debris secure in your truck and keep your driving record clean.

SECURE saves lives.
Whether it's thrown out on purpose or falls out accidentally, road litter causes 25,000 accidents in the U.S. each year. Nearly 100 of these accidents result in fatalities. You save lives when you take the time to secure your load.

SECURE saves money.
Fines for litter from an unsecured load can cost you up to $2000. Plus, the points on your driver's license can result in higher insurance premiums. Securely loaded construction vehicles, trucks, and trailers keep your money safely in your pocket.

SECURE saves the environment.
Up to 25 percent of roadside trash comes from unsecured loads. It doesn't matter if it's food containers or construction debris - it all creates litter. You can keep our roadways clean by keeping all materials properly loaded and secured.

Secure Your Load

re•check your truck

Tie it down - Use straps, twine, bungee cords, netting or rope to secure materials. Tie big items directly to your vehicle.

Cover it up - Keep items where they belong with tarps, nets or covers.

Load it right - Put lighter items on the bottom so they're less likely to blow out of your vehicle.

Load it light - Keep your load level with the sides of trucks or trailers. Make sure you cover or net taller items to keep them stable.

Why Recycle?

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