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​Electronic Plan Management System (EPM)Electronic Plan Submittal and Electronic Plan Review (EPS/EPR)

The once-necessary chore of lugging multiple rolls of paper and stacks of construction blueprints downtown for Mecklenburg County Code Enforcement review will soon be ending, thanks to an innovative new online permitting system. 

Beginning January 29, 2012, EPS/EPR (Electronic Plan Submittal and Electronic Plan Review) is up and running. Customers are able to schedule their projects for review at Code Enforcement’s Electronic Plan Management system and submit all their plans and drawings online through this system.

The Electronic Plan Management System (EPM) is a work flow tool that allows architects, engineers, and designers the ability to oversee their projects through the plan review and permitting department from their offices.

This application has features that allow you to submit commercial applications online and provides real-time tracking of your project as it progresses from estimation, scheduling, gate, plan review to permits.

Please note the following important information:

Electronic Submittal
  • Plans will be reviewed in an electronic format and customers are requested to submit their drawings in this medium.
  • Code Enforcement will continue to allow customers to choose paper, but electronic interaction is more efficient and less costly to the department (and more environmentally friendly).
  • Code officials are encouraging those who have not made the switch to electronic submittal and review to get familiar with the process to avoid the extra fees. Customers who choose to use paper when an electronic medium is available will be charged fees to their permit/project to offset costs.
Plan Review Submittal Dates
In the past, drawings were due the day prior to the review by noon. In the new system, drawings will be due:
  • For electronic submittal (upload to EPM) 2 days prior to the review date.
  • For paper submittal (conversion to electronic and then upload) 5 days prior to the review date.
The change for electronic submittal is so the packages can be checked for formatting and completeness. The change for paper submittal is so individuals will have time to convert the paper drawings to an electronic medium.
Important Notes When Uploading Drawings

* Please thoroughly review our customer guides for a successful plan submittal (gating).

Sheet Index
When uploading the sheet index for interactive review or subsequent reviews, please be sure to modify the original sheet index file and upload it. It should include all pages in the drawing at every submittal.
This site is designed to function with Internet Explorer 8 or higher and with Adobe Reader 8 or higher. For best results, please avoid using other browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc and other PDF software.
Drawing Package
  • Interactive Review
    When uploading drawing files for interactive review, please be sure to upload the entire file in which the affected sheet resides. For example, if the E.1 sheet needs to be modified to address the plans examiner's comment, and it is in the Electrical file, please modify the sheet and when uploading the document, be sure to upload the entire file with all the sheets, not just the modified sheet.
  • Subsequent Reviews
    When uploading drawing files for subsequent cycle review (cycle 2, cycle 3, etc.), please be sure to upload all of the drawings files, not just the modified sheet(s). The modified sheet(s) will reside within the files that are uploaded. This is a significant change from our former process where you only submitted the revised sheets.
Mecklenburg County Code Enforcement requires all OnSchedule Plan Review projects to pay the estimated permit fee based on the estimated construction cost provided on the OnSchedule application prior to submitting the project for plan review.
Final Package:
When the plan review package is complete, the contractor will pick up the following:
  • Copy of the issued permit
  • Placard Board
  • Stamped approved sheet index
  • CD of approved drawings
The contractor will need to have the placard posted on the job site. The contractor will also print a copy of the approved drawings and have that set along with the stamped approved sheet index on the job site and available for the inspector.
Architect and Engineer License information:
When submitting the Architect and Engineer License sealholder information on the OnSchedule Application, it is imperative that you enter the name and license number as it appears on the individuals seal. This information is vital to the project, as it impacts the AE Pass Rate Incentive program and becomes part of the official record of the project. As we discover incorrect information, it will delay the project through the plan review process and may adversely affect the AE Pass Rate scores. If changes are required to the OnSchedule application to align the sealholder listed on the application with the sealholder on the drawings, a charge of $31.60 will be applied to the project.
Key Features Include:
  • EPM Dashboard: View all actions performed on a project along with details of who performed it and when it was performed.
  • Project History: Submit applications online, view real time status of applications online, search for projects, reports and account administration.
  • Graphical View: View the status of the project in a graphical format.
  • Plan Review Management: Upload electronic drawings through the EPM dashboard and track the plan review progress of the project.
Need Help Uploading or Navigating the System?
Contact the OnSchedule Coordinators at 980-314-CODE(2633)​.
Presentations that take you through the process step by step are available below:
Submitting an OnSchedule Application:  Quick Guide (PDF)   Detailed Guide (PDF) 
Uploading Project Files:  Quick Guide (PDF)   Detailed Guide (PDF) 


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