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Mecklenburg County Code Enforcement
2145 Suttle Avenue
Charlotte, NC 28208

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2145 Suttle Avenue
NC 28208


Hours: Mon-Fri 8 a.m - 5 p.m.


Customer Service

​​Residential Plan Review Services


Performance Goal

Our goal is to perform plan reviews for one & two family dwellings within an average of five days of the submittal date and townhouse project reviews within ten days of the submittal date. These timeframes vary depending on the volume of submittals.

Scope of Services

​Perform building code plan review on master plans, custom home plans, and room additions when the project meets one or all of the following criteria:

  1. Full building review on all townhouse projects, including footprint additions or structural modifications. A per unit Master Plan Program is available; buildings are not eligible
  2. All new or move-on one and two family residences
  3. Any enclosed addition to the primary residence, which increases the original footprint. - excluding decks and screen porches
  4. Interior renovations projects valued equal to or greater than $175,000
  5. Projects of unconventional building methods (methods outside of the NC Residential Code)
  6. The addition of a level to an existing residence
  7. Accessory buildings of more than one level


The plan submittal process varies depending of the type of project.

PDFPlan Review Tools for the Novice

PDFPlan review checklist

PDFPlan Submittal Cover Sheet - must accompany all plan submittals

PDFResidential Drawing Submittal Most Common Defects

 Requirements Regarding the Use of Professional Seals and the Practice of Architecture and Engineering in the State of North Carolina.

Plan Review Status​ ​​

The lead time for residential plan review is updated each Monday as identified below:
Electronic site specific project lead time 5 days
Electronic master plan submittal project lead time 5 days
Townhome project lead time 10 days


Townhome Project Review

  • Projects are reviewed for zoning, fire, Charlotte Water, and building code compliance.
  • Townhouse unit may qualify for the master plan programs to reduce building code review time at project submittal.
  • See details of the PDFTownhouse Plan Review Process.
  • All projects must have a Project Data Sheet, a Permit Data Sheet, and a Phased Permitting Data  Sheet attached to the plans when submitted.
  • New projects associated with Charlotte Water are required to have a  Backflow Prevention Service Application. This form can be found on the Charlotte Water Backflow Construction Web page.
  • We recommend if you are new to the design/construction of townhouse projects, or if you have an unusual design, that you schedule a preliminary Code review with the appropriate agencies. If you would like to schedule a preliminary code review, please use this form


All previously approved townhouse projects must be updated at the implementation of each new code.
PDFHere is a list of those requirements.


Residential Care Homes and In-Home Day Care Review

  • Review of projects pertaining to​PDFIn-Home Day Care facilities. Click on the link for a description of the requirements and process.
  • Review of projects pertaining to​PDFResidential Care Homes. Click on the link for a description of the requirements and process.


Electronic Plan Submittal

Electronic Plan Submittal for Custom or One-Time Residential Build Projects

The RTAC Electronic Plan Submittal process RTAC-EPS), implemented in January 2015, is designed for one-time residential build projects, or custom-built residential projects, that require plan review. Customers can submit an online permit application, complete the necessary zoning and erosion control forms, attach these forms to their project plans and upload plans (in PDF format) for review and permitting. ​

​More about RTAC Electronic Plan Submittal​

Ready to try it? Read the PDFStep-by-Step Customer Guide to RTAC Plan Submittal.


Residential Master Plan Submittal Process

Mecklenburg County Code Enforcement has implemented a "new" Residential Master Plan Submittal Process. The new process utilizes the same system as our permitting and inspections and works similar to the custom plan submittal process. The main benefits of the new program are: Utilization of the same system as custom plan submittal, plan files are PDF, we are able to use “Approved as Noted”, and all project types can be tracked from the Contractor’s Dashboard. The new Master Plan Submittal Requirements are as follows:

  • Plans must be submitted in one file in a PDF format.
  • Complete plan sets are limited to 150 pages.
  • The maximum file size is 40MB
  • Plan files that exceed 40MB may be separated into two files, one for details and one for the house plans & options
  • Master plans that exceed six elevations and eight structural options will be charge a $33.00 per hour plan review fee.
  • Electrical, mechanical & plumbing sheets should be eliminated from the plan file (reduces file size).


 A more in-depth description of the Residential Master Plan Program an submittal user's guide is located here.

There are limitations to the number of options acceptable for the master plan submittal program. Take a moment to review the PDFResidential Electronic Plan Submittal Policy.

Each permit submittal using a master plan must identify the site specific options one of two ways; list the site specific options in the "Expanded Scope of Work" text box within the permit application, or complete the Master Plan Summary Sheet and attach it to the permit application.

Key Contacts:

​Plan Review Facilitator - Counter: 980-314-2633

Charles Walker, Manager

Scott Westbrook, Senior Plans Examiner

Patrick Biddy, Plan Reviewer

William Brown, Plan Reviewer

Dwayne Heyward, Plan Reviewer

Dawn Hicks, Plan Reviewer

Jack Hill, Plan Reviewer

Daniel Joyce, Plan Reviewer

Toyana McKinney, Plan Reviewer

Tim Parnell, Plan Reviewer

Gene Penner, Plan Reviewer

Kari Lanning, Plans Examiner

Brian Atwell, Plans Examiner

Audria White, Plan Review Facilitator

Gail Brown, Permit Facilitator

Charles McNeilly, Plan Review Controller

Anna Rayfield, Plan Review Controller

Mark Winslow, Plan Review Controller

rev. 4/4/18


Mailing Address:

Mecklenburg County Code Enforcement
2145 Suttle Avenue
Charlotte, NC 28208

Office Location:

2145 Suttle Avenue
NC 28208


Hours: Mon-Fri 8 a.m - 5 p.m.


Customer Service