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Hurricane Preparedness

Hurricanes and other natural disasters that strike this region would greatly impact our health and lives. That's why it is important to take some time to think through what you need to have and what you need to do in order to handle such disasters, BEFORE they happen.

To assist you through this planning process, the below is a list of fact sheets on hurricane hazards and how you can prepare yourself for such threats. 

Planning for a Hurricane

Hurricane Readiness:
Basic steps to take to prepare for a storm, including emergency supplies to have available.
Download fact sheet: English, Espanol


 Safety and Hygiene

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning:
Carbon Monoxide exposure is common after a disaster. Fact sheets review basic prevention tips and answers frequently asked questions.
Download prevention fact sheet: English, Espanol
Download FAQ fact sheet: English, Espanol

Drinking Water - Emergency Disinfection:
EPA fact sheet discusses procedures for disinfecting water for consumption. 
Download fact sheet:  English

Protect Yourself from Mold
Fact sheet reviews health effects of mold exposure and tips for recognizing mold.
Download fact sheet: English

Sanitation and Hygiene - After a Flood:
It is critical for you to remember to practice basic hygiene during the emergency period.
Download fact sheet: English

Returning Home

After a Flood:
Fact sheet presents precautions to consider when returning to your home after a flood.
Download fact sheet: English, Espanol

 Cleaning up after a disaster

Hurricane Clean Up
Fact sheet discusses procedures for safely cleaning up after a natural disaster including physical, health, electrical and hazardous materials issues.
Download fact sheet: English, Espanol

Getting Rid of Mold:
Brief fact sheet provides steps for removing mold.
Download fact sheet: English


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