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Outreach Initiatives

Neighborhood Clean-up

One of the focus areas (Phase I of the 90-day plan) determined by Parkwood Corridor community leaders was neighborhood beautification for community pride and to clean up those areas that become havens for drug use and prostitution.

Parkwood Corridor Community Residents, PSN Task force members, Faith Community Volunteers and the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department Community Policing Officers came together for this event. Bags, Pickers (to avoid picking up used drug needles and other biohazards by hand) and Gloves were donated by City Sanitation, who also collected all the orange trash bags and heaps of bulk trash items. As peoples of different backgrounds worked side by side for a common goal, children and adults in the community joined us along the way.


PSN Billboard Campaign

Billboard Campaign.jpg


Media outreach has focused on use of billboards to send a strong message to offenders regarding the stiff penalties for illegal gun possession and use. The first generation of billboards were mounted in and around the Parkwood Corridor.


PSN Kickoff- The Freedom Corridor

The Freedom Corridor held it's PSN kickoff at the Freedom Mall along Freedom Drive, the corridor that connects the two communities of Ashley Park and Enderly. The event was well-publicized and attended, and demonstrated collaboration between community leaders, residents, local businesses, law enforcement and the PSN task force.

Free food, entertainment, prizes and other giveaways were a part of this day of celebration.



PSN Expansion

Using gun crime data, police reports, and neighborhood opinion, PSN has begun to expand to another target district and 2 other corridor communities. We are also in the process of selecting a site or two outside of Mecklenburg County.

Freedom (Adam 3) is the new police district added to the prosecutorial districts.

The two corridor communities are:

Parkwood Extension: Lockwood and Tryon Hills neighborhoods, in close proximity to the original Parkwood Corridor

Freedom Corridor: Ashley Park and Enderly Park



PSN Target Areas

Based upon Temporal Hot Spot Mapping, police feedback, and other historical evidence, PSN began it's operations in three Target Police Districts and one community outreach corridor.

The Target Districts are:

  • Metro (David 2)
  • North Tryon (David 3)
  • Eastway (Charlie 2)

all with long histories of gun crime hot spots. Increased prosecution of gun crime is the priority in these districts. Target Districts Map



Prosecutions are conducted out of the US Attorney's office together with the District Attorney and Law Enforcement (Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department).The community outreach corridor is the Parkwood community of Belmont and Villa Heights neighborhoods (bordered by Parkwood Ave). Many community outreach efforts are being applied to this community, with positive results. Target Corridors Map



Data collection, statistical analysis, monitoring and evaluations are conducted by the Department of Geography and Earth Sciences, UNC-Charlotte, with data cooperation agreements with the Research Planning and Analysis Bureau (GIS) of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department and the Sheriff's Department.


PSN Western NC Region

Lockwood.jpgProject Safe Neighborhoods is a national program funded through the US Department of Justice and managed by the US Attorney's office. The program is working to keep our communities safe by eliminating gun violence.Project Safe Neighborhoods is a collaborative effort among federal, state and local law enforcement and community partners designed to create strategies that address the unique gun crime problem in Western North Carolina. Criminals Villa Heights.jpgwho use guns are prosecuted under federal, state or local laws, depending on which jurisdiction can provide the most appropriate punishment.

The project continues to build momentum through its leadership and strengthen community efforts with the assistance of the PSN Community Partners.


For more information on Project Safe Neighborhoods and to learn how you can become involved, please Contact Us.

Monthly Meetings:

First Mondays:
Villa Heights Neighborhood Crimewatch
Second Mondays:
Lockwood Neighborhood
Meeting 7:00 PM
Sugar Creek Library
4045 N. Tryon Street
Second Tuesdays:
Villa Heights Neighborhood Association
Meeting 6PM
McCreesh Place
2120 N. Davidson St.
for more information call (704) 334-8708
First Tuesdays:
Belmont Community
Meeting 7:00 PM
Belmont Regional Center
700 Parkwood Avenue
Third Tuesdays:
Camp Greene Neighborhood Association
Meeting 6:30PM
Christ Presbyterian Church
2461 Arty Avenue
First Thursdays:
Freedom Corridor Neighborhood
Meeting 6:00 PM
Bette Rae Thomas Center
2921 Tuckaseegee Road

  PSN Partners Task Force
Meeting 2:30 PM
N. Tryon Division
4045 N. Tryon Street