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​Project Safe Neighborhoods

Making Our Communities Safer

Since the start of Project SAFE Neighborhoods in the Parkwood Corridor, the Belmont and Villa Heights communities have experienced a downward trend in gun crime related incidents. Community Support Services (CSS) promotional messages such as "Commit a Gun Crime – Get New Jewelry" and "One Will Get You Five to Ten" has had a significant impact on the federal 'no tolerance' for gun crime policy. Along with law enforcement agencies, the Teen Y program, Bridge Jobs and Project SAFE Neighborhoods has encountered an overwhelming amount of positive response.

Because of that response, CSS will engage two other communities within Mecklenburg County to join the Project SAFE Neighborhood initiative along with one other community outside Mecklenburg County. The selection process for these neighborhoods will partially be based upon the amount of gun offenses in those areas as well as other factors, allowing Project SAFE Neighborhoods to focus on its mission – 'No Tolerance for Gun Crime.'

This is a fun and exciting opportunity for CSS and Project SAFE Neighborhoods.
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