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What is MeckFUSE?

MeckFUSE  is a housing program for homeless men and women with behavioral health issues who have been frequent users of Mecklenburg’s jail, street camps and shelters. FUSE stands for Frequent User Systems Engagement, a proven national model from the Corporation for Supportive Housing.
MeckFUSE helps clients stay in stable, affordable apartments and offers support for their needs. The program uses public dollars responsibly by reducing costs associated with the criminal justice system and emergency shelters. MeckFUSE subsidizes rent and works with clients to remain safe and housed. Clients are offered referrals for services such as  medical, mental health, and substance abuse care and treatment. The program helps rebuild family and community connections.

Why We Do It

MeckFUSE is expected to improve public safety. People living in supportive housing with access to health and social supports make better neighbors than people struggling to live on the streets. People living on the streets may commit poverty-related crimes, but are more often victims of crime.
MeckFUSE gives people a chance to succeed. When people no longer have to worry about where they are going to sleep, they can concentrate on getting healthy, getting a job, getting an education and getting on with their lives. Currently, the program is at its capacity of 45 individuals housed and 45 units under master lease.
MeckFUSE has a core group of committed partners who guide the program, resolve problems and foster success.
Funded by Mecklenburg County, the program is administered by the County's  Community Support Services Department, and is operated by  Urban Ministry Center.  The Corporation for Supportive Housing helped design the program. The University of North Carolina at Charlotte is evaluating MeckFUSE over a three-year period.  Some additional core partners include: Men’s Shelter of Charlotte, Salvation Army Center of Hope, the Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Office, Criminal Justice Services, the Public Defender’s Office, and Legal Services of Southern Piedmont.
Achievement Award winner seal MeckFUSE   received the "Project of the Year: Scattered Site," award at the Corporation for Supportive Housing's 2014 Eastern Region Supportive Housing Conference. In addition, the program received a 2015 NACo Achievement Award from the National Association of Counties.  
For more information contact: 
Stacy M. Lowry, Community Support Services Director, at email or call 980-314-8903
Sean Robinson, MeckFUSE Program Coordinator, at  or call 704-621-3252.