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Navigating your Voter Profile

Read along for a breakdown of all six sections within your voter profile, as accessed within the Voter Search  tool.

Screenshot of a voter record with "Sample Ballots" section selected.

1) Sample Ballots: The Sample Ballots section will contain your sample ballot for the upcoming election. If there is a primary election, you will see the ballot of your registered party. If you are unaffiliated, you will see each sample ballot for each party that has an open primary. For a general election, you will find one sample ballot for the upcoming election.

Screenshot of a voter record with "Election Day Polling Place" section selected.

2) Election Day Polling Place: The Election Day Polling Place will show your polling site for the upcoming election. On Election Day, this is where you go to vote. If you click the site’s name, you will find more information about the polling place. This includes the address of the polling place and sample ballot for the site, as well as the address, hours, and contact information for your county board of elections.

Screenshot of a voter record with "Voter Details" section selected.

3) Voter Details: The Voter Details section will show the following information: Registered County, Registration Status, Voter Registration Number, NCID, Registered Party, Race, Ethnicity, Gender, Registration Date, and NCDMV Customer status. The details should match what you submitted on your voter registration application.

Screenshot of a voter record with "Jurisdictions" section selected.

4) Jurisdictions: The Jurisdictions section will show which districts you live in and which contests you are eligible to vote in. This includes Congressional district, NC Senate and House district, Superior Court district, Judicial district, Prosecutorial district, County Commissioner district, City Council district, Municipality, Ward, and School Board district.

Screenshot of a voter record with "Voter History" section selected.

5) Voter History: Voter History will show your county and method of voting for each election in North Carolina. The section has four columns: Election, Voted Method, Voted County, and Voted Party.

  • Election shows the election you participated in.
  • Voted Method shows how you voted.
    • IN-PERSON: You voted in person on Election Day.
    • ABS-1STOP: You voted in person during early voting.
    • ABS-MAIL: You voted by absentee by mail.
    • PROV: You voted provisionally.
  • Voted County shows the county where you voted.
  • Voted Party shows which party’s primary you participated in during a primary election. This does not have anything to do with who you voted for. That information is confidential.

Screenshot of a voter record with "Your Absentee Ballot" section selected.

6) Your Absentee Ballot: If you voted by mail or in person during the early voting period, your ballot will show up in this section. This section shows Election Date, County, Absentee Status, Return Date, Return Method, and Return Status.

  • Election Date shows the election you voted in.
  • County shows where you cast your ballot.
  • Absentee Status will show if you successfully returned your ballot. If so, you will see VALID RETURN.
  • Return Date will show the date your ballot was returned and processed.
  • Return Method shows how you returned your ballot. For civilians, this will say MAIL or IN PERSON. For military and overseas voters, this may say E-MAIL.
  • Return Status will show if your ballot was ACCEPTED or if there was an issue.


Mailing Address:

Mecklenburg County Board of Elections
PO Box 31788
Charlotte, NC 28231

Office Location:

741 Kenilworth Ave.
Suite 202
Charlotte, NC 28204


Hours: Hours: Mon-Fri 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.


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