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Mailing Address:

Valerie Woodard Center
3205 Freedom Drive
Charlotte, NC 28208

Office Location:

Valerie Woodard Center
3205 Freedom Drive
Charlotte, NC 28208
Hours: Mon-Fri  8 a.m. - 5 p.m.


Andrew Fair

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Key Initiatives​

 Executive Team

County Manager

Dena R. Diorio
Portrait Dena Diorio
  • Create Affordable Housing
  • Enhance Parks & Greenways
  • Meck Pre-K Initiative
  • Equity & Inclusion Initiative

Deputy County Manager

Michael Bryant
Portrait of Michael Bryant
  • Countywide Reappraisal
  • Enhance Procurement Services
  • Employee Performance Management

Deputy County Manager

Leslie Johnson
Portrait of Leslie Johnson
  • Environmental Leadership
  • Park & Recreation Enhancements
  • Small Business Relief Grants

Deputy County Manager

Chief of Staff

Derrick Ramos
Portrait of Derrick Ramos
  • Enhance County/Library Security
  • Reduce County Energy usage
  • Reduce Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Criminal Justice

Deputy County Manager

Consolidated Human Services Agency Director

Anthony Trotman
Portrait of Anthony Trotman
  • HHS Integrated Services
  • Assist parents via Empowering Fathers Program
  • Implement the MeckSuccess Initiative

 Department Directors

Asset and Facilities Management

Mark P. Hahn
Portrait Mark Hahn
  • Acquire Property to Meet County Needs
  • Design & Construction Projects
  • Safety and Security

Attorney's Office

Tyrone C. Wade
Portrait Tyrone Wade​​
  • Provide In-house Legal Services
  • Real Estate Services
  • Handle Selected Cases for the
    Office of the Tax Collector

Board of Elections

Michael Dickerson
Portrait Michael Dickerson​​
Work Plan Coming Soon

Community Resources

Yulonda Griffin
  • HHS Integration
  • Increase Access to Services
  • Department Equity Action Plan

Community Support Services

Stacy M. Lowry
Portrait Stacy Lowry
  • A Home for All Strategic Framework
  • Expand Access to Housing
  • Professional Development
    Opportunities for Employees

County Assessor's Office

Kenneth Joyner
Portrait Kenneth Joyner​​
  • 2023 Reappraisal
  • Timely 2023 Revaluation Appeals
  • Create Training Path for Employees

Criminal Justice Services

Sonya Harper
Portrait Sonya Harper
  • Oversee the Safety and Justice Challenge
  • Reduce Racial & Ethnic Disparities
    in the Justice System
  • Support the Criminal Justice
    Advisory Group (CJAG)

Department of Social Services

  • Assess the behavioral health needs of the community
  • Enhance Early Childhood Care & Education program access and services for Meck Pre-K
  • Contribute to the health and well-being of children, families, and adults.

Economic Development Office

Peter Zeiler
Portrait Peter Zeiler​​
Work Plan Coming Soon

Financial Services Department

David Boyd
Portrait David
  • 2024-2028 Capital Improvement Plan
  • Annual Comprehensive
    Financial Report
  • CGI Advantage Upgrade

Health Department

Raynard Washington
Portrait Raynard Washington​​
  • Expand Programs that Address Chronic Disease Disparities
  • Increase Community’s Capacity to Manage Impacts of Violence & Trauma
  • Increase Supportive Services for Pregnant & Postpartum Women

Human Resources

Keisha Young
Portrait Keisha Young​​
  • Improve Technology and System Capabilities
  • Improve Talent Attraction and
    Retention Practices
  • Evaluate & Promote Health and Wellness Benefit Programs

Information Technology Services

Keith G. Gregg
Portrait Keith Gregg​​
  • Improve System Security and Disaster Recovery Capabilities
  • Utilize a Continuous Improvement Culture
  • Prioritized County Initiatives

Internal Audit

Terry Thompson
Terry Thompson​​
  • FY2023 Audit Plan
  • Improve Audit Processes
  • Expand the Use of Data Analytics


Ebenezer S. Gujjarlapudi
Portrait Ebenezer S. Gujjarlapudi​​
  • Reduce Flood Risk
  • Restore Degraded Streams
  • Review Solid Waste Capital Projects and Rate Model

Medical Examiner's Office

Thomas D. Owens, MD
Portrait Thomas Owens​​
  • Ensure Optimal Staffing
  • Improve Employee Climate Survey (ECS) Results
  • National Association of Medical Examiners (NAME) Certification

Park & Recreation

Lee Jones
Portrait Lee Jones​​
Work Plan Coming Soon

Public Information

Danny Diehl
Portrait Danny Diehl​​
  • Strategically Communicate County Priorities and Programs
  • Upgrade MeckNC.Gov
  • Enhancing the County’s Community Relations and Marketing Functions

Register of Deeds

Honorable Fredrick Smith

Work Plan Coming Soon


Gary L. McFadden
Portrait of Gary L. McFadden​​
  • Oversight of County Detention Center Operations
  • Behavior Health Training
  • Civil Distubance Training

Office of the Tax Collector

Neal Dixon
Portrait Neal Dixon
  • Maximize Collections
  • Complete a Marketplace Analysis (MPA) and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Analysis


Mailing Address:

Valerie Woodard Center
3205 Freedom Drive
Charlotte, NC 28208

Office Location:

Valerie Woodard Center
3205 Freedom Drive
Charlotte, NC 28208
Hours: Mon-Fri  8 a.m. - 5 p.m.


Andrew Fair