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​High Praise for County Appraiser: Revaluation Chief Recognized Statewide


The manager of Mecklenburg County's 2023 revaluation process, Scott Hudson, has been named Appraiser of the Year by the N.C. Association of Assessing Officers.

Hudson has worked with the Mecklenburg County Assessor's Office since 1991, and in the profession since 1988. Throughout his career, Hudson has served in a variety of roles, including as an appraiser, real property manager and revaluation manager.

The Appraiser of the Year award is designed to recognize one outstanding appraiser annually and their achievement in tax assessment and public service.

Hudson has overseen the complex revaluation process since 2018. That is where Mecklenburg County revalues all property (land and buildings) to its current market value as of an established date—Jan. 1 for the upcoming 2023 revaluation.

"Scott faced a huge challenge when we asked him in 2018 to lead Mecklenburg County's revaluation process just six months before notifications were sent," said County Assessor Ken Joyner. "He not only accepted the challenge but led by example by devoting many nights and weekends. Scott continues the management of the revaluation process in Mecklenburg County and is respected by team members and the community as one of our most diligent and passionate employees."

North Carolina law requires all counties to conduct a property revaluation at least every eight years. Mecklenburg County currently conducts revaluation every four years.

Hudson and the revaluation staff monitor market data to determine the market value of all properties. They visit and observe properties to verify characteristics, compare similar property sales and consider improvements or changes made. Revaluation captures these changes in value for property tax purposes. Properties are revalued to ensure assessed values are based on the current market and establish equalization for property owners throughout Mecklenburg County. Property owners will be notified of their new assessed value in early 2023 and will have an opportunity to appeal in the following months.

Following the assessment of properties, tax rates are set by City, County, and Town elected officials every spring and applied to a property's value. The tax bill is calculated and mailed every summer to all property owners in Mecklenburg County.