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​Office of Economic Development Partners with Johnson C. Smith University on Get up and Grow Business Accelerator Program 


Mecklenburg County’s Office of Economic Development (OED) and Johnson C. Smith University (JCSU) have partnered on the business accelerator program, Get Up and Grow.  


Mecklenburg County's Get Up and Grow program is the community’s premier business accelerator program. The program is administered by Mecklenburg County's Office of Economic Development, in partnership with Johnson C. Smith University. Get Up and Grow empowers businesses to scale and grow annual revenues beyond $125,000. For 4.5 months, participants receive access to professional consultants, a peer network and trainings with subject matter experts to develop a strategic growth plan. 


Twenty local businesses will participate in the spring of 2023 cohort. The program kicks off on Tuesday, January 24, 2023. In-person classes will take place on Tuesdays from 9 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. at the Johnson C. Smith University campus. During the cohort, time will be on spent instructing business owners on how to take control of their business and on how to develop a strategic growth plan. To help with execution, participants will have access to professional consultants specializing in marketing, management, human resources, financial analysis and business law. 


Mecklenburg County and JCSU 

The partnership will strengthen the values and commitment to diversity and inclusion of each institution and further build sustainable communities. Additional program goals include:  

      • Offering internship opportunities to JCSU students, thereby allowing them the option to engage with OED staff  
      • Providing educational sessions on entrepreneurship facilitated by OED staff 
      • Providing JCSU students with knowledge and opportunity to seek careers in local government 


For questions on the Get Up and Grow program, email 


OED Mission Statement 

The mission of the Mecklenburg County Office of Economic Development is to provide resources to the business community with the purpose of attracting, retaining, and expanding employment opportunities for County residents. We strive to stimulate the local economy and expand the local sales and property tax base, while maintaining a positive balance between growth, social equity and the economy.