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​New Criminal Justice Services Dashboard Data Available Now 


Mecklenburg County Criminal Justice Services (CJS) announced today that new arrest event processing type data is available on new dashboards available here: Case Resolution Dashboard ( 

PAE Dashboard ( 
The public can access this data and direct questions to the Mecklenburg County Public Information Department. 

These dashboards were developed in partnership with Luminosity, Inc. (Luminosity) as part of Mecklenburg County's participation in the MacArthur Foundation's Safety + Justice Challenge. 

 Mecklenburg County justice system leaders have long been proponents of utilizing data-driven decisions to improve the outcomes of the local criminal justice system. In this vein, Mecklenburg County invested in developing a criminal justice data warehouse to create a repository of cross-system data that would allow CJS staff to analyze various aspects of the criminal justice system.  

The CJS data warehouse, which is updated each day, contains data from the local Arrest Processing Center, jail bookings, Pretrial Services, and the North Carolina Administrative Office of the Courts. However, much of this data was difficult to link across the entire criminal justice system, until the partnership between CJS and Luminosity.  

Luminosity is a leader in pretrial phase data and has created standard outcome measures for multiple jurisdictions across the country. Luminosity created unique identifiers that allow CJS staff to follow an individual from the point of arrest through their case dispositions in court. In addition to enhancing the data analytic capabilities of CJS, we hope that this project provides the public with more transparent information about the local criminal justice system in Mecklenburg County.