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​Serving Those Who Served: Mecklenburg County Salutes Its 51,000 Veterans


Veterans Services Is Here to Help Vets and Their Families

As the nation honors our American heroes for their military service on Veterans Day, Nov. 11, Mecklenburg County recognizes and salutes our county's many veterans for their service and sacrifice through the decades.

Mecklenburg County's veterans comprise a diverse group. According to the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs, there are an estimated 51,250 veterans living in the county, alongside more than 2,000 active-duty personnel. The U.S. Census found that about 86% of Mecklenburg County veterans are men and 14% are women.

These veterans have witnessed and helped change the course of history during every major conflict of the past 100 years. The U.S. Census says:

  • 266 served in World War II.
  • 2,027 served in the Korean War.
  • 12,408 served in the Vietnam War.
  • 11,617 served between 1990 and 2001.
  • 14,364 served from 2002 to present day.

Mecklenburg County's veterans are highly educated. About 44% hold a bachelor's degree, which is above the national average of citizens with a degree. Nearly 39% have completed some college or hold an associate degree.

More than half of our veterans are employed, 54%, with 3.5% unemployed and the remaining 43% retired or out of the labor force.

According to the U.S. Census, about 46% of Mecklenburg County veterans are white, 43% are black, 6% are Hispanic, 1.5% are Asian, with 3% other ethnicities.

Available to help this diverse group of veterans and their families is Mecklenburg County Veterans Services. Its staff is dedicated to assisting veterans with their benefits, healthcare, legal issues, mental health and substance abuse, counseling, employment, education, housing, insurance, and networking with other veterans.

Veterans Services is a division of Mecklenburg County Community Support Services. It is accredited through the National Association of County Veterans Service Officers, North Carolina Division of Veterans Affairs, and the American Legion.

For more information, visit Veterans in need of service can call 704-336-2102.