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​Data for April 28, 2021

Mecklenburg County, NC – As of this morning there were 109,319 cases of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) with 945 deaths due to COVID-19 reported among Mecklenburg County residents.

Data as of April 28 are presented in more detail below. MCPH provides these routine updates about reported cases of COVID-19 to help our community better understand how this pandemic is developing in our county. These results only reflect laboratory confirmed cases of COVID-19 among county residents. Many individuals infected by COVID-19 have not been tested because they are asymptomatic. As such, these results are very fluid and only represent a fraction of the true burden of COVID-19 in our community.

Daily case counts provided by MCPH may differ from state and federal counts due to delays in reporting to the various entities. MCPH updates case counts after an initial case review and, where possible, a patient interview is conducted, which includes confirming county residency. Cases reported after 5 p.m. are counted in the following days case count.

Highlights about the 109,059 COVID-19 cases reported in Mecklenburg County as of April 28, 2021 include:

  • During the past week, an average of 222 laboratory confirmed infections per day were reported compared to the 14-day average of 234 confirmed infections. This represents a decrease over the last 14 days. These data are based on Mecklenburg resident cases reported to MCPH.


  • During the past week, an average of 176 individuals with laboratory confirmed COVID-19 infections were hospitalized at acute care facilities in Mecklenburg County. This represents an increase over the last 14 days. These data are based on daily census counts from acute care facilities in Mecklenburg County reporting to MCPH.


  • During the past week, an average of 6.4 percent of individuals who were tested in Mecklenburg County were positive for COVID-19. This represents a slight decrease trend over the last 14 days. These data only include ELRs for molecular (PCR) tests submitted to NC DHHS for laboratories electronically submitting negative and positive COVID-19 results. 

  • Nine hundred-forty-four deaths due to COVID-19 occurred among reported cases.
    • Almost all deaths were among older adults (≥ 60 years), 15 deaths occurred in adults ages 20 to 39 and 117 deaths were adults ages 40 to 59.
    • All deaths, except twenty-five, occurred among adults with underlying chronic illnesses.
    • Almost half were non-Hispanic Whites. The disparity in COVID-19 deaths among non-Hispanic Whites is related to differences in race/ethnicity of residents of long-term care (LTC) facilities actively experiencing an outbreak.
    • Nearly 40 percent of deaths were connected to active outbreaks at long-term care (LTC) facilities.
    • Among deaths not connected to outbreaks at long-term care facilities, nearly 2 in 3 were non-White, with 40 percent being non-Hispanic Black. As previously noted, these disparities are largely driven by higher rates of underlying chronic conditions that increase risk of severe complications due to COVID-19 infection among these communities.


  • Based on publicly available mobility tracking data, social distancing represents a fairly stable trend in Mecklenburg County over the last 14 days.

More data on the epidemiology of COVID-19 in Mecklenburg County as of April 28, 2021:

Daily COVID-19 Cases Reported to MCPH by Date*
 (Total Molecular (PCR) Positive Cases – 99,207
Total Antigen Positive Cases – 9,852) 

Daily Percent Positive of Laboratory COVID-19 Tests1
(as of  April 28, 2021)


COVID-19 Case Rate per 100,000 Residents
based on cases reported to MCPH by Date

COVID-19 Percent Positivity Rates (7-Day Average)

Select Characteristics of COVID-19 Cases and Deaths Reported to MCPH 
(as of April 28, 2021)



Selected Characteristics Percent of Reported COVID-19 Cases Percent of COVID-19 Deaths
All Cases 109,059 944 Deaths
(<1.0% of Cases) ​
    Deaths Connected to LTC
375 deaths (39.7% of deaths)
569 deaths
(60.3% of deaths)
Age ​ ​ ​<2016.5%--<1.0%
≥ 6012.9%96.3%79.1%
Race/Ethnicity2 ​ ​ ​ ​  White*19.4%67.5%31.3%
Alaskan Native/American Indian*<1.0%--<1.0%
 Not Reported49.4%<1.0%<1.0%

2 These data are updated based on follow-up interviews and investigations.    *Non-Hispanic


Daily COVID-19 Testing3 (as of April 28, 2021)

Total COVID-19 Cases Reported to MCPH Released from Isolation4 
(as of April 28, 2021)

Daily Hospital Census of Patients with Laboratory Confirmed COVID-195 
(as of April 28, 2021)

Daily Social Distancing Index
(as of April 20, 2021)

COVID-19 Vaccinations by MCPH7

Total Received
(as of April 28, 2021)
Total Transferred
(as of April 28, 2021)
Doses Administered by MCPH
(as of April 28, 2021)
First Doses101,360
Second Doses69,075

MCPH is currently providing the Pfizer BioNTech, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccines to individuals in Groups 1, 2, 3 and 4. For more information about the COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution visit

COVID-19 Vaccination Data, Mecklenburg County: 

December 14, 2020 – April 28, 2021

(based on data submitted to NC DHHS by NC Providers and Federal Pharmacy Programs)
For more information about COVID-19 Vaccinations visit

Congregate Living Settings with Active COVID-19 Outbreaks (as of April 28, 2021) 

Total Active Outbreaks in Congregate Living Settings:  12
Total Active Clusters in Child Care and School Settings: 2

Facility Name Staff Residents Total
  Cases Deaths Cases Deaths Cases Deaths
Asbury Health
3800 Shamrock Drive
Charlotte, NC 28215
Children's Academy/Lake Point
2701 Water Ridge Parkway Charlotte, NC 28217
Carrington Place
600 Fullwood Lane
Matthews, NC 28105
Center for Children at the Vine
2101 Belvedere Avenue
Charlotte, NC 28205
Dreams and Visions Group Home
5004 Glenview Court
Charlotte, NC 28215
Lucille Giles Statesville Avenue Men's Shelter
3410 Statesville Avenue
Charlotte, NC 28206
Mecklenburg County Detention Center
801 East 4th Street
Charlotte, NC 28202
Pavilion Healthcare at Brightmore
10011 Providence Road West Charlotte, NC 28277
Royal Park of Matthews
2700 Royal Commons Lane Matthews, NC 28105
Southminister Ind. Living
8919 Park Road
Charlotte, NC 28210
Southminister Healthcare Center
8919 Park Road
Charlotte, NC 28210
Summit Place of Southpark
2101 Runnymeade Lane
Charlotte, NC 28209
University Place Nursing Rehab
9200 Glenwater
Charlotte, NC 28262
Waltonwood Cotswold
5215 Randolph Road
Charlotte, NC 28211

COVID-19 Vaccination Rates: Mecklenburg Residents Age 16 years and Older
with at least One Vaccine Dose (Partially Vaccinated) 
December 2020 through April 14, 2021

COVID-19 Cases Reported to MCPH by Zip Code of Patient's Residence
Past 14 Days (April 15 - 28, 2021)

Total COVID-19 Cases
  (as of 04/28/2021)
14-Day Case Reports
(as of 04/28/2021)
Change Over Past
14-Day Period

COVID-19 Cases per 100,000 Reported to MCPH by Zip Code of Patient's Residence
Past 14 Days (April 15 - 18, 2021)

Total COVID-19 Case Rate
per 100,000 (as of 04/28/2021)
14-Day Case Rate
per 100,000 (as of 04/28/2021)
Change Over Past
14-Day Period

Cumulative COVID-19 Cases Reported to MCPH by Zip Code of Patient's Residence 
(as of April 28, 2021)

Cumulative COVID-19 Cases (per 100,000 residents) Reported to MCPH by Zip Code of Patient's Residence (as of April 28, 2021)

It is important to make sure the information you are getting about COVID-19 is coming directly from reliable sources like MCPH, CDC and NCDHHS. The best resource for information about COVID-19 in Mecklenburg County is the County’s COVID-19 website. Individuals can also call the County’s COVID-19 hotline at 980-314-9400. For more information, please visit the CDC’s website and NCDHHS’ website, which will also include future positive COVID-19 test results in North Carolina.