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​Kya Can Do That!


​IKya and her mom Patrician our line of work there seems to be a hero around every corner, but we don't expect them to be an 11 year old.

Kya Gregory is a child whose compassion to help victims of domestic violence began when she saw it first hand. Kya's mother Patricia was often emotionally and physically abused by her father.

Kya wanted to help somehow, but she didn't know where to start. Her mom called the Community Support Services  Women's Commission for ideas. When her mother heard about our cell phone program, Patricia said "Kya can do that."

Kya spoke with her Pastor at Friendship Missionary Baptist Church and with his blessing she set out to collect 150 old used cell phones. Her efforts included making wooden boxes with statistics and stories that were put on display in the foyer of the church.

The congregation was so moved that her story became a Family Focus feature on WSOC-TV - See the story.

Kya eventually delivered 207 used cell phones to the Women's Commission office. Now she is looking for another way to help. Her next outreach effort? Collecting umbrellas for the homeless.

Kya on WSOCIf this one little girl can find a way to extend a lifeline to victims what can you do? 

For more information on the cell phone collection program check out Domestic Violence & Violence Prevention or call Mike Sexton at 704-432-1568.