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​June 10, 2019


BOCCLegislative Update

The House officially voted to not concur with the changes the Senate proposed to House Bill 966 – Appropriations Act of 2019, and now the formal negotiations can begin between the two chambers to work out the differences in the competing spending plans. There is a possibility of a budget conference report as early as next Friday, but that, of course, remains to be seen. We will continue to share our legislative priorities such as fully funding Raise the Age Implementation, Medicaid Transformation and Health and Human Services funding with our delegation. I would also like to note that Sen. Dan Bishop, a member of the Mecklenburg County Legislative Delegation, has been named as a member of the budget conference committee and will be a part of the budget negotiations.

After recently being signed by Gov. Roy Cooper, House Bill 388 – Immunizing Pharmacists is now law. Section 1 of the bill, which expands the vaccinations or immunizations that may be administered by an immunizing pharmacist, goes into effect on Oct. 1, 2019. The expanded vaccinations that may be administered to persons at least 18 years of age include: Serogroup B meningococcal vaccines, Human Papillomavirus vaccine and hepatitis A vaccine. This section also allows an immunizing pharmacist to administer the influenza vaccine to persons at least 10 years of age or older (currently allowed for children 14 years of age or older). This issue was a primary legislative agenda item for the County.

Senate Bill 212 Child Welfare/Aging Component/NC FAST passed the Senate and will be heard in the House this week. This bill delays implementation of the case management system for child welfare and aging and adult services as part of the NC FAST deployment. The postponement applies until at least Oct. 1, 2019. The bill also delays implementation of the intake and assessment function of the NC FAST system. The County is supportive of this bill as we have concerns about the information and operability bridge between our systems and NC FAST. It is also imperative that NC FAST has the technology and staff support needed for full implementation.

Senate Bill 553 – Regulatory Reform Act of 2019 will be considered by the full Senate this week. The bill makes changes to laws regarding State and local government regulation related to agriculture, energy, and the environment and natural resources. Primary bill sponsor Sen. Andy Wells (R-Catawba) intends to remove the section of the bill that repeals the ban on disposing of computers and televisions in landfills. The County provided requested information to delegation members on the impact that provision might impose on the County.

For more information, contact Starla Tanner, Legislative Affairs Liaison, at 980-314-2884.

‘Art of Recycling’ Program Update

Over the past few months, the Arts & Science Council (ASC), Livable Meck and Mecklenburg County Solid Waste have been collaborating on a unique program aimed at encouraging recycling.

The “Art of Recycling” pilot program is the result of community partners attending a Livable Meck Engagement Café and working together to educate the public about recycling. The objective of the program is to improve recycling outcomes by creating temporary public art pieces using recyclable materials. The art will be on display at the Bette Rae Thomas Recreation Center, the Community Resource Center at Valerie C. Woodard, the Hickory Grove Library and the Beatties Ford Library until the end of the year.

The commissioned artists engaged residents for inspiration on the art and each piece reflects the characteristics of the community. The host locations will have “Recycle Right” materials on hand to educate residents about what can/can’t be recycled, avoiding contamination and the locations of full-service drop-off centers.

For additional information about the pilot program, please contact Rebecca Herbert, Community Engagement & Strategy Manager for Livable Meck, at 980-314-3631.
Celebrating CSS Homeless Services Partners During 6th Annual Homeless Resource Center Volunteer Appreciation Dinner

Each week, hundreds of meals are served to Charlotte's homeless at Mecklenburg County Community Support Services’ (CSS) Homeless Resource Center (HRC). Located at the Hal Marshall Annex, the HRC is used to collaborate with, and provide space to, ministries and community service organizations that serve meals to the homeless during evening and the weekend hours. Together we have created a safe space for people suffering from homelessness to get connected to community resources.

On June 4, CSS celebrated the community partners that make this center possible at the 6th Annual Homeless Resource Center Volunteer Appreciation Dinner. Nearly 50 people attended enjoying dinner, fellowship and awards. In addition, the evening included entertainment from New Generation Mimes of Saint Paul Baptist, highlights and tributes presented by CSS staff, dinner and a poem reading. The theme of the evening was “Hats off to You” with party top hats provided to all who attended.

Volunteers provide meals every Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday at the HRC. To learn more about the HRC, contact Peter Safir, CSS Homeless Services Division Director, at 980-314-8922.

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