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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Mecklenburg County Prepares for Inclement Weather


Mecklenburg County is making preparations for inclement weather. In the event that our area is affected, the County may alter normal work schedules for employees. If the County Manager decides to delay the start of work or close County offices, her decision will be posted on Facebook , Twitter and the Employee News Now Line – 980-314-4444 as close to 5:15 a.m. as possible. 

The County Public Information staff also will notify local media so the County delay or closing will be broadcast on morning television news programs. Some County departments and agencies that serve customers 24/7 have their own policy and employees should follow those policies.

The County has also put together the following FAQ's and tips to keep you safe and informed.

Additional news and information from our partners at the City of Charlotte and Charlotte-Mecklenburg Emergency Management can be found here.


Photo of a man shoveling snow off of his sidewalk. Things to think about during winter weather: The County Health Department has suggestions that will keep you safe and healthy during winter weather events.


Pay attention to road conditions. Listen to media reports. If roads are bad, postpone travel until roads are clear. If you must drive on slippery roads, allow yourself more time to get to your destination, drive slow and leave more space than usual between you and the next car. Remove snow/ice from car window before driving and dress to stay warm and dry. Overpasses and bridges may be particularly hazardous. Let someone know where you are going and what time you expect to get there.

Shoveling or clearing snow

Dress to stay warm and dry. Don’t over exert yourself (take your time) while clearing snow.


Avoid icy, snowy walkways and stairs if possible, walk slowly and pay attention to the walking conditions. Use support if needed (e.g., hand on rails or wall, use a cane or stick, hold on to someone more stable).

Power outage

Now is a good time to see if the carbon monoxide​ detector in your residence is working properly. If power outages should occur, do not burn fuel (gas, oil, charcoal) indoors to stay warm unless an area is properly ventilated and you are following a heating devices manufacturer’s instructions. Failure to do so could create unsafe levels of carbon monoxide, a potentially deadly gas. Also, do not leave candles left unattended if they are being used for lighting. This could lead to a house fire.

Have flashlights and batteries available

dress to stay warm, use blankets if needed. If power outage is more than two hours and temperatures are above 40 degrees, there could be problems with perishable foods in a refrigerator/freezer.

Keep refrigerator and freezer doors closed

as much as possible, as this will extend the time the stored food is kept cool. Some food that cannot be kept cool should be disposed. Read more about which foods to keep and which to discard.

Additional guidance

on safety during power outages is available through the CDC and the American Red Cross

The elderly are more susceptible to the effects of cold,

so they should try to stay inside. However, if they go outside, they especially need to dress appropriately.

What time is a decision made about county office delays/closings and where is the decision posted?

When inclement weather is expected, the County Manager participates in a conference call with local officials early in the morning to get information and determine whether to delay the start of work or close county offices. She aims to make the decision as early as possible. Once decided, it is posted to County social media channels, the website, and the Employee News Now Line (980-314-4444).

What “essential personnel” may be required to report to work?

Employees at the Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s office have their own policies regarding inclement weather. If you have any questions, please consult with your supervisor.

What local agencies make their own decisions on closures?

The following local agencies make their own decisions on whether they will close or not, and are linked accordingly:

Charlotte Fire Department (CFD)
Charlotte Mecklenburg Library
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department (CMPD)
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools
MEDIC-Mecklenburg EMS Agency
Mecklenburg Sheriff

Are Mecklenburg County Courts closed?

Mecklenburg County Courts openings/closings are determined by the State of North Carolina. If you were to expected in court. Only the Clerk of Court will be able to give you a new court date and answer questions about your specific case. Call 704-686-0400 to reach the Clerk of Court.

How can I find out which DMV offices are closed?

The Department of Motor Vehicles is a state-run agency. You can find contact information for each location at the NC DMV site.

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