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​Rabies Reminder: Keep the Critters and Their Cooties Out of Your House


raccoonThe beach chairs are back in storage, the kids are back in school, and fall and cooler temperatures are almost here. That means you can turn off the AC and open up the windows as long as you don’t forget to close them at night to keep the critters and their cooties out!
Raccoons, skunks and bats can find their way into your house through and open window, your chimney and even take up residence in your attic. Here are a few ways to keep the critters out and a few things to do to keep you and your pets protected if they get in.
1. Avoid attracting or handling wild animals. Feed your pets indoors and don’t toss table scraps into your yard. Do not leave pet food outside for any length of time.
2. Keep your property free of exposed garbage, pet food, and bird feed. If trash must be stored outside at night, put it in sturdy, tightly closed containers.
3. Keep your home in good repair to prevent animals from entering through cracks and crevices. Use strong metal mesh to cover potential entryways such as chimneys, dryer vents, and holes in eaves.
4. Make sure your pets are up to date on their rabies vaccinations. Dogs, cats and ferrets are required to have a current rabies vaccination. Animals cannot be treated for exposure to rabies.
5. Never Allow Your Pet's Rabies Vaccination to Expire!
6. Puppies & kittens that have not been vaccinated should not be left outdoors unsupervised.
7. Report stray animals to Animal Care and Control (311).
8. If raccoons or other animals are lurking around your yard and acting sick or abnormal, call Animal Care and Control (311).
9. If you find a bat in your home or have direct contact with a bat, call Animal Care and Control (311), your physician and the Public Health Department. Even minimal contact with bats may result in rabies transmission.
10. Do not touch an injured animal, call Animal Care and Control (311).
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