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​Tax Office Reveals New Tools for Targeting Delinquent Taxpayers


Mecklenburg CountyThe Mecklenburg County Office of the Tax Collector (OTC) has implemented two new initiatives to collect delinquent taxes. 

Mecklenburg County property owners who have unpaid real and personal property tax bills for Fiscal Year 2016-2017 may have their names and the amount they owe published in the Top 100 Delinquent Taxpayer List on the Office of the Tax Collector’s website. The list can be found by visiting

The purpose is to notify the taxpayers on the list that delinquent taxes are due and to inform the public which 100 taxpayers have the highest delinquent balances. Taxpayers can be removed from the list by paying their delinquent taxes in full. Delinquent taxpayers in bankruptcy or under appeal are excluded from the list.

The list is updated monthly, therefore, visit to use the property tax system tool to determine the current amount due for any delinquent real estate or personal property tax bill, including those appearing on the Top 100 Delinquent Taxpayer List.

The OTC has also partnered with a collections agency, Datamax Corporation (Datamax), to collect delinquent taxes resulting from the reappraisal review. The affected taxpayers are former property owners who have not paid taxes due from when they were the owners.

The affected delinquent taxpayers will be mailed a notice on Oct. 3, 2017 to notify them that their delinquent tax debt was turned over to Datamax to collect. Those taxpayers will have 45 days from the date of the notice to pay their delinquent taxes in full, or make a payment arrangement if eligible, to avoid having the delinquent debt reported to credit bureaus for listing in credit files.

Taxpayers who receive the notice are encouraged to contact the Mecklenburg County Office of the Tax Collector to satisfy the debt within the 45-day time period.

There are four ways to pay your tax bill:

  • By Internet: Visit for a credit card, debit card or eCheck payment.*
  • By phone: Dial toll-free 1-800-994-1026 for a credit card, debit card or eCheck payment.* 
  • By mail: Mail a check or money order and payment stub using the return envelope that accompanied the tax bill.
  • In person: Pay at the Tax Collector’s office located in the Robert L. “Bob” Walton Plaza, 700 East Stonewall St., Charlotte NC, and at West Service Area Center, 4150 Wilkinson Blvd., Charlotte, NC, between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Only cash, money order, or check payments are accepted. Make checks payable to the Mecklenburg County Tax Collector.


*A service fee of 2.35 percent or a minimum of $1.95 is charged for credit card or debit card payments. There is no service fee for eCheck payments.