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​BOCC Provided with Positive FY22 Fourth Quarter Budget Priorities Update BOCC Provided with Positive FY22 Fourth Quarter Budget Priorities Update 


On Tuesday, Sept. 13, 2022, the Mecklenburg Board of County Commissioners reviewed a Fiscal Year 2022 Board Priority Update for the 4th quarter during the Board's first Budget and Public Policy Meeting of the fiscal year.    

The update provided a summary of how funding was used to support the Board's Priorities in Fiscal Year 2022.  A total of $55.2 million was committed to support the Board Priories.     

The Board expressed its appreciation to the County Manager and staff on the substantial progress that has been made over the last fiscal year on their FY2022 Board Priorities. And continue to push for ongoing progress as the County enters FY23.    

The updates included the progress outlined below:   

Affordable Housing was allocated $12,623,400 in total new funding which will help evaluate new housing opportunities to increase affordable options for residents in need. Major uses included: 

•         $8M to fund subsidies and other programs in the County's rental subsidy fund 

•         $3M to support the Salvation Army shelter Booth Commons at Mulberry 

•         Operating support for the On Ramp resource center 

•         Grants to assist qualified homeowners retain their homes through the Helping Out Mecklenburg homeowners with Economic Support (HOMES)             

Environmental Leadership priority area was allocated $30,132,164 in total new funding which will continue the Board's priority to implement the Environmental Leadership Action Plan with a focus on equity and inclusion.  In FY2022 funding was used to: 

     • Acquire 295 acres of green space, and begin closing on another 103 acres 

     • Treat 1,390 acres of park land for invasive species 

     • Upgrade facilities to conserve energy 

     • Begin converting county fleet to electric vehicles   

MECK Pre-K, $2,015,872 was allocated in new funding to continue implementation of the voluntary, universal public pre-k for all eligible 4-year-old children in Mecklenburg County which has enrolled thousands of children since its inception to continue the Board's priority to increase workforce readiness and allow more opportunities for more residents now and in the future.  A total of $23.5M was spent in FY2022 for Meck Pre-K to serve over 1,600 children. New funding was used to add 16 classrooms for a total of 105, and to provide additional classroom supports.    

The Workforce Development priority area was allocated $1,777,624 in additional funding to continue to provide leadership and align communication with jobseekers and employers.  A major investment made in the FY2022 was $884K to the Road to Hire partnership that provided technology educational programs for 363 high school seniors from Garinger, Harding, West Mecklenburg, Chambers, West Charlotte, and Phillip O Berry High Schools.     

Funding to Reduce Racial Disparities increased by $11,464,398. Each of the priorities is evaluated through the lens of racial disparities with the goal of ensuring that investments by the County focus on closing racial and ethnic gaps so that race does not predict one's success, while also improving outcomes for all. Race will be interwoven into the Board Priorities through policies, practices, and procedures that seek to analyze and eliminate the root causes of racial disparities with the hope that all people in Mecklenburg County will have an equitable opportunity to thrive in the community.

View the entire presentation here. And watch the meeting here