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​About Last Night


BOCCIn case you missed it, here’s a quick summary of last night’s Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) meeting.

Wage Increase Plan Update
The Feb. 5 regular meeting began with Chairman Dunlap announcing that the County will be increasing the minimum hourly rate for regular, full-time employees to $15 per hour effective Feb. 13. Employees will see the increase reflected in their March 8 paycheck.

The wage increase was a topic of discussion at the Board of County Commissioners’ recent annual retreat. The increase affects 89 County employees and will cost the County approximately $176,000 (including benefits for all positions). Read more about it here.

City of Charlotte Aging in Place Pilot Program
County Manager Dena R. Diorio’s report began with an update from Tax Collector Neal Dixon on the City of Charlotte’s “Aging in Place” pilot program. The program will serve to provide grants that offset tax increases that may occur following the 2019 Revaluation. Grant candidates are low and moderate-income senior homeowners who wish to continue living in their Charlotte homes as they age. Grants are based on the percentage increase of their 2019 total tax amount due, compared to their 2018 total tax amount due. The program is to be implemented on July 1, 2019. In addition to the City’s program, Neal Dixon also talked about many of the tax relief programs that are already in place. Following the presentation, the Board directed the County manager to develop options for the Board’s consideration that could potentially provide relief assistance to people living in the towns and unincorporated parts of the County.

Invasive Species Funding (Park and Recreation)
County Manager Dena R. Diorio’s report also included an update from Park and Recreation Director Lee Jones and Nature Preserves and Natural Resources Director Chris Matthews on invasive species funding. In the FY2019 budget, commissioners included a one-time funding of $200,000 in restricted contingency to address the removal of invasive species. The restricted contingency requires the Board’s approval of Park and Recreation's plan for invasive species control, prior to the release of the funding. During the update, the Board approved Park and Recreation’s plan, which asks that $20,000 be allocated to Park and Recreation for equipment and supplies and $180,000 be allocated to contractor(s) for parkland treatment, with Park and Recreation oversight and management.

Mecklenburg County Board of Commissioners' 2019 Legislative Agenda
During the Staff Reports section of the meeting, commissioners discussed and adopted additions to the Board's Legislative Agenda for the 2019 Long Session of the North Carolina General Assembly. The 2019 Legislative Agenda was adopted by the full Board on Nov. 7, 2018. Additional items for the Mecklenburg County 2019 Legislative Agenda were considered and recommended for full Board consideration at the Jan. 29, 2019 meeting of the Intergovernmental Relations Committee meeting.