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​Breathing New Outlook into Air Quality Commission


Mecklenburg CountyHere’s your chance to apply and represent the County

The Board of County Commissioners is seeking applicants for consideration to the Air Quality Commission (AQC). On July 11, the board will make appointments to fill 2 vacancies on the AQC advisory board.

Applications should be received no later than July 3, 2017 to be considered as a new commission member. To qualify, you must be a resident of Mecklenburg County. Each new appointment to the AQC comes with a three-year term of service. There is a 75 percent attendance requirement for all advisory board members. The AQC is a 12-member advisory board.

The mission of the Air Quality Commission is to promote the protection, preservation, and enhancement of the ambient air resources of Mecklenburg County, NC. The purpose of the AQC shall be to provide citizen and stakeholder input to the Board of County Commissioners, local municipalities and staff through the review and recommendation of air pollution management policies, long-range plans, operations and their budgetary impacts in order to achieve the above mission.

The current vacancies on the Air Quality Commission will include representatives from these categories:

  •  One transportation representative that is actively employed by, or has recently retired from a transportation-related business, preferably knowledgeable in the field of transportation and mobile source air pollution control
  • One attorney that has special training and legal expertise in air pollution laws and regulations
    Anyone interested in serving should apply online here.


Prospective applicants can also contact the Clerk to the Board of Commissioners at 980-314-2912 or email for additional information.

You will be notified if nominated and/or appointed. If you are not initially appointed to a board for which you have applied, your application will be resubmitted automatically until such time that you are appointed, or your application expires. Applications remain on file for one year.

Applications are subject to Public Records Law (NCGS 132-1) and may be released upon request.