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​​​​Environmental Health

Mecklenburg County Public Health - Environmental Health Division, focuses on all aspects of the natural and human-made environment effecting human health.  Our goal is to prevent the spread of disease and promote personal safety through proper sanitation, safe food, clean water,  the management of disease-carrying pests, and proper disposal of waste.

We strive to provide the best customer service possible. If you have any questions or concerns, please scroll to the bottom of the page for our information and do not hesitate to contact us. 

Our Programs and Services Include . . .​​​

  • Childcare & Schools
  • Food Establishments
  • ​Institutions
  • Lodging
  • ​Mobile Food Units & Pushcarts
  • Commercial Pools
  • Applications
  • Tools & Resources

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Environmental Health Featured Stories​ . . .​​


Arlene.jpgWant to be a Health Inspector?

​Find out what the Mayoral Youth Employment Program Students learned about being an Environmental Health Specialist.

Yellow flames Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
CO Poisoning can cause death. Learn symptoms of CO poisoning and ​how to prevent it.

Fresh produce in paper grocery bag Safety at home starts at the store.
Prevent foodborne illness with these safe food handling tips.​

Dead Bed BugBed Bugs

Bed bugs have become a common problem throughout the country. They have been found in homes, hotels, college campuses, businesses, as well as other places. Bed bugs are rar​ely associated with unsanitary conditions and infestations can occur to anyone. For more information about bed bugs download our bed bugs information document. Also available in Spanish.


Daniel Ortiz  |  Environmental Health Director |  P: 980-314-1636  |  E:

Jeremy Michael |  Environmental Health Manager - Groundwater & Wastewater Services and Pools & Environmental Health Services |  P: 980-314-1642 |  E:

Stephen Graham |  Environmental Health Manager -  Food & Facilities Sanitation Program | P:  980-314-1634 |

Amber Daniels |  Environmental Health Manager -  Planning and Support Services | P:  980-314-3470 |


Mailing Address:

Valerie C. Woodard Center
3205 Freedom Drive, Suite 8000
Charlotte, NC 28208

Office Location:

Valerie C. Woodard Center
3205 Freedom Drive, Suite 8000
Charlotte, NC 28208


Hours: Mon-Fri  8 a.m. - 5 p.m.


Environmental Health

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