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Each year, Mecklenburg County presents the Managing for Results (M4R) Awards to recognize and reward individual employees and/or teams that have made significant contributions toward organizational goals.

Just1Call staff (Joan Gresham, Lewis Grubb, Phil Hamer, Deann Kisch, Wanda McCord and Marty Prunty) are the recipients of the team award in the focus area Social, Education & Economic Opportunity for the Just1Call service utilizing contemporary technology to provide expansive, updated information and assistance to constituents.

Just1Call workers strive to provide immediate assistance at the time the citizen calls, linking to area service providers, governmental and non-governmental, for-profit and nonprofit. For the 12-month period preceding this nomination, Just1Call processed more than 20,000 business calls, resulting in more than 30,000 referrals to approximately 450 service providers.