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West Branch Rocky River Greenway - Grey Rd. (Abersham Park) to Fisher Rd. (Fisher Farm Park)

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This greenway is in the Town of Davidson and it connects Abersham Park to Fisher Farm Park.  The greenway also connects to over 7 miles of mountain bike trails consisting of a beginner loop, 3 intermediate loops and 4 advanced loops. 


Nature Facts:

The greenway offers a great serene atmosphere for all trail users.  The greenway passes through both open field and dense woods.  Box Elder is abundant through the floodplain forest, which also includes Red Maple, Green Ash, Black Walnut and Common Pawpaw.  Hawks and vultures can be seen flying over the open, rolling terrain adjacent to the greenway.  In the cooler months, watch for the locally rare Northern Harrier, which can be found hunting for small animals above the open fields.  The calls of Eastern Bluebirds regularly interrupt the quiet solitude that can be found along this greenway.   


Paved Greenway = .81 miles


18621 Abersham Dr., Davidson, NC

21215 Shearer Rd., Davidson, NC (Fisher Farm Park)

Alternative Transportation:

CATS   (Confirm route, schedule, and stop before beginning trip) 


Nearby Amenities:

Fisher Farm Park

Abersham Park

Rocky River Bluff Nature Preserve

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