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Mallard Creek & Clarks Creek Greenways: Fairlea Dr. to E. Mallard Creek Church Rd. (Kirk Farm Fields Community Park)

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                  Mallard Creek Greenway                          Clarks Creek Greenway


This is our longest greenway, stretching more than 7.40 miles and enjoyed by many user groups.  Mallard Creek Greenway is part of the Cross-Charlotte Trail, a partnership between Mecklenburg County and the City of Charlotte that strives to develop a 26 mile contiguous trail.  This greenway will connect the SC/NC State line to Cabarrus County.  The western end of these greenways is a paved trail through many university area neighborhoods.  In the middle is a gravel trail through University Research Park. The eastern end is a paved trail passing through mature floodplain forest, under I-85 and Highway 29, and on to the Kirk Farm soccer fields near UNC-Charlotte.  Near Kirk Farm Fields, it connects to Toby Creek Greenway, where the system extends for an additional 2.64 miles to W. Rocky River Rd.   Nearby amenities include the Light Rail station, UNC-Charlotte, Toby Creek Greenway, Kirk Farm Fields Community Park, University Research Park, Mallard Creek Elementary, Town Center Plaza, University Regional Library, Lowes and Target. 


Nature Facts:

Mallard Creek & Clark's Creek Greenways are great places to explore in the late summer or early fall when the butterflies are flying. Watch for Gulf Fritillaries, Common Buckeyes and bright orange Monarch butterflies migrating south to their wintering grounds in Mexico.  Mallard Creek Greenway extends nearly two miles through mature floodplain forest.  Great Blue Herons, Gray Foxes, White-tailed deer and a wide variety of birds, including Red-tailed hawks can be spotted. In the spring and summer you may see Beavers and Muskrats.



Paved and Gravel Greenway = 7.40 Miles



9801 Mallard Creek Road Charlotte, NC 28267 (Mallard Creek Elementary School)
201 East Mallard Creek Church Road Charlotte, NC 28262 (Kirk Farm Fields Park)
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Alternative Transportation:

CATS (Confirm route, schedule, and stop before beginning trip)


Nearby Amenities:

Light Rail station


Toby Creek Greenway

Kirk Farm Fields Community Park (parking)

University Research Park

Mallard Creek Elementary School (parking)

Town Center Plaza

University Regional Library



For Further Information:

Capital Planning Services at 980-314-1000 or email us at


Office Location:

Mecklenburg County
Park and Recreation
5841 Brookshire Blvd
Charlotte, NC 28216


Hours: Mon-Fri  8 a.m. - 5 p.m.


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