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Lower McAlpine Creek, McMullen Creek & Four Mile Creek Greenways:  Pineville-Matthews Rd. to Rea Rd.

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             McMullen Creek Greenway                                  Lower McAlpine Creek Greenway


This horseshoe shaped greenway runs 5.8 miles through south Charlotte and passes under Interstate 485.  The trail is composed of a variety of surface types including asphalt, gravel, and boardwalk.  Nearby amenities include the Shops at Piper Glen, McAlpine Elementary School, Toringdon Market Shopping Center and Endhaven Elementary School. 


Nature Facts:

Nestled in the treetops, you’ll find the County park system’s first documented Great Blue Heron rookery.  This once rare species is increasing its numbers and has now been taken off the state wildlife watch list.  These greenways also host one of the strangest spectacles in nature.  Once every 13 years, the emergence of periodical cicadas occurs in the woodlands along the greenways and surrounding neighborhoods.  With numbers that can reach into the tens or hundreds of thousands, these unusual insects will only be seen for a few weeks in spring when they burrow out from underground, shed their skins and take to the trees where they will create a deafening chorus that needs to be experienced to be believed.  We can expect to see and hear them in 2024 and then again in 2037. 



Paved, Gravel, and Boardwalk Greenway = 5.8 Miles



5803 Bevington Place Charlotte, NC 28277  
11823 Johnston Road Charlotte, NC 28226
8135 Pineville-Matthews Road Charlotte, NC 28226
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Alternative Transportation:

CATS (Confirm route, schedule, and stop before beginning trip)


Nearby Amenities:

The Shops at Piper Glen

McAlpine Elementary School

Toringdon Market Shopping Center

Endhaven Elementary School


For Further Information:

Capital Planning Services at 980-314-1000 or email us at


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Charlotte, NC 28216


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