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Park Planning

Public Comments

Send us your comments on the Little Sugar Creek Greenway:

Here is what other people are saying about the Little Sugar Creek Greenway:

I would like to see the Greenway happen depending upon how it would impact taxes. I would not care to see any "playground" park in the area since Freedom Park already meets that need. I am concerned about traffic if anything other than a greenway with paths (is built). Please fix curbing as soon as possible."
-Sharon Sanders
Ridgewood Ave.

Great idea. Favor it.
-Frank Gulli
Willow Oak Rd.

I think that the Greenway will be an asset to Charlotte and the adjoining neighborhoods, taking in as much of the flood area as possible, to make for a wider and more open "park like" community space for all of us to enjoy. I feel that initially, property owners should not be forced to sell. However, certain areas may be critical to making the project flow (such as six (6) homes left in the middle of buyout). Overall, a very good project and great for the city. I will vote to spend tax dollars for this.
-Jay Overman
912 E. Park Ave.

I think this is a fantastic opportunity for the residents in Charlotte and in particular the neighborhoods surrounding this potential greenway.
-Roxanne McGee
3012 Manor Rd.

Maximize greenway as much as possible along Sugar Creek. Buy all houses from Woodlawn to Freedom Park east of Sugar Creek and not taken by federal money. Does the County have control of the land (red on map) taken by federal money? Great opportunity to pedestrians to link areas of the community. Request Park & Recreation staff planners to do plans and sketches of potential improvements. Keep green (non-commercial) in this area and do San-Antonio style "River Walk" at mid-town.
-Rob & Susan Johnson
341 Hillside

I am very supportive of the greenway project. Particularly the piece affecting my neighborhood (Westfield and Jameston). Please keep me informed and let me know how to show my support. In the long run I would like to see paved pathways (bike lanes and roller-blades) plus separate or segregated walking paths (thus avoiding collisions). Also would like to make sure we have adequate lighting and police (bike patrols?) as part of the plan.
- Kirk Wall
341 Tranqil Ave.

Do it! The idea is great! Let me know if my wife or I can help in some way. Buy out everything you need to do it right!
-Thorn Baccich
2427 Tattersall Dr.
2905 Manor Rd.

We are in favor of the greenway in this area (Freedom Park). We own two (2) properties on Seneca Court and in 1997 our primary residence was flooded badly. We would be very interested in selling.
-Barbara & Mike McCurry
1622 Geneva Ct.

I vote for the greenway project from CPCC to Tyvola or Park Road Park and beyond. I truly believe that ten (10) to fifteen (15) property owners on Westfield and Jameston should look at the long-term benefits to increased land values, quality of life, and community spirit. I am not affected by the 100-year plan, but if I were, I would gladly agree to move. I can say that after having lived in Ridgewood for thirty-eight (38) years, it seems to me a city is greater than its individual components. 100% behind greenway proposed. I am seventy-two (72) and just hope that I live long enough to see it completed.
-Bob & Mariba Grogen
363 Ridgewood Ave.

I support the furtherance of the greenway including the buy-out of the 3100 block of Westfield. The greenway enhances the beauty of the community. The city would benefit as well as the neighborhood. More green spaces are needed for the health and well-being of all people. I do ask that you make an early decision.
-Ann Spence
3132 Westfield Rd.

I would like to see the project completed. I am not threatened by flooding but I agree it would greatly enhance the neighborhood and the community. With the various sources of funding being parlayed into substantial funds, a very nice project could be accomplished. I would like to see it primarily used for walking trails and not a lot of playground equipment or basketball courts. I would also like to see a bridge across the creek to Park Road Shopping Center's back parking lot – perhaps at the end of Reece Road.
-Frank Bynum
344 Tranquil Ave.

I am all for the greenway. I am waiting to have our house and our block taken care of one way or another. We are happy to move. We think the greenway would be a big plus for the community. Please build a twelve-mile well designed system. Have bike trails for dirt bicycles, paved trails for walking, biking and roller-blading, frisbee toss areas and picnic areas. Build it soon!
-Marcelo Barbie Halpren
3120 Westfield Rd.

I am completely behind the project 100% but I believe selling the idea as a "beautification" will not win over the "nay-sayers". What the project can do for the city including environmental issues should be the target of conversation. My wife and I enjoy walking to Park Road Shopping Center and other night life establishments but now that the homes are gone along Westfield Road it is very dark. Some pedestrian lighting would be a welcome early design element.
-Ryan Justak
2901 Manor Rd.

Like the overall concept. I'm concerned about security after dark. My children now camp out in the back yard. Would we feel safe after development? I own one of the large tracts on Little Sugar Creek. I am not excited about losing all of my floodplain property. Have you considered conservation easements? Limit access to Freedom Park and a few spots on Westfield. How do you post no parking on side streets but allow residential parking? (resident parking permits?) Must enforce fines.
-Alan Barnhardt
3335 Willow Oak Rd.

No permanent structures such as benches. They encourage illicit behavior. Consider conservation buffer on west side of creek and easement for greenway between Hillside and park (Devon and Willow Oak fronted properties). The less concrete the better – just more runoff. Encourage gravel footpaths. Encourage Meyers Park High School to use for cross-country training. Boy Scout Troop 99 at Selywn Presbyterian is interested in Eagle projects here – contact me please. Love the idea and concept and am FOR this greenway from Freedom to Brandywine. Police and fire were awesome during demo- they were helpful and kind.
-Genie Hufham
3021 Westfield Rd.

As residents of the area, my wife and I are hoping a greenway is built. We jog and bicycle ride and this would be great. Having visited Alexandria, Virginia last month and seen the greenway from Mt. Vernon to DC and the constant use by people of all demographics and the integration through our friends' neighborhood and through the commercial areas, we are thrilled with the idea we could have this in Charlotte.
-(no signature)

The greenway is a great idea. It is beautiful in Westfield where the houses have been removed and the trees and grass are exposed. I look forward to using the trails for walking and running. I am in sympathy with the people who have to move, but the overall community will benefit and this will make outdoor life much more enjoyable.
-Jackie Page
2826 Chelsea Dr.

We love the change on Westfield Road and fully support the greenway concept. We're hoping it will be "non-commercial" in nature, however with a bike/walking trail, benches, water fountain and a picnic table or two. Maybe no play area because only concern is the potential for parked cars along Westfield and up side streets (e.g. Ridgewood, Hillside etc.). Hope it will be bike friendly with primary access from park, schools, etc. Would like it to be wide-open space (like on Westfield now) which will be wonderful for throwing footballs, frisbees, etc. I was very impressed with how you went from demolition to BEAUTIFUL GREEN! Very exciting – good job and good luck.
-Nancy Whitmore
307 Ridgewood

Please consider a playground in the greenway, especially improving Park Road School's playground. The school is a dump. We want more green space in Charlotte. We need to have a place to bike and breathe (twelve miles would be great). I am happy to help in any way I can to make it become a reality. Please do it for the children! 12 miles of greenspace is the way to go! We want the County Commissioners to create a straight shot to Freedom Park. Buy the six (6) houses on Westfield.
-Betsy Rosen
2808 Chelsea Dr.

I have had my house appraised (bank) and on the market for sale. I will sell to the Park & Recreation Commission.
-Cher Cosper
1720 Jameston Dr.

We love the idea of a continuous greenway! We would love to see an improved playground at the Park Road School and/or a playground on the greenway. Thank you very much!
-Kelly & Michael Bymes
2812 Chelsea Dr.

Need to immediately repair sidewalks and curbs. Recreation vehicles are driving around in the area now and tearing it up. Increase police surveillance in the area. Hold separate meeting with affected tenants to get their concerns dealt with before we discuss how it will look. Do something to separate roller-bladers and bike riders from walkers. Be aware of lighting so that it is well lit at night but not intensive to nearby homes. Be aware of sound management of the greenway related to nearby homes.
-Dave Sanders
373 Ridgewood Ave.

I think the greenway is a great idea. I would like to see it completed with curbing and sidewalks and a bike park. Any other ideas I would be very keen on hearing.
-Eric Horsley
2821 Manor Rd.

Greenway plan sounds great. Cul-de-sacing all the feeder side streets makes sense. Greenway from Pineville area to mid town would be wonderful. Good use for tax dollars.
-Neil Kirschrer
326 Tranquil Ave.

Our family strongly supports the greenway. We live in the Freedom Park area. Wouldn't this be a good time to just expand Freedom Park? That might make it easier to gain public support. If the park was expanded, we would love to see an outdoor pool and a horse stable added. Thanks.
-Rob & Pam Johnson
1962 Sterling Rd.

We are generally in support of the idea but want to receive information on how it will affect our property along the way. We think safety and traffic should be heavily considered in the process. We think one of the main sources of opposition is the lack of information the neighborhood has received regarding the city/county plans. Good luck and stay in touch with details!
-Nan & Walt Howard
300 Fieldbrook Pl.

Yes we would like to explore selling our home for the expansion of the greenway ASAP.
-Rich & Joyce Brender
2921 Westfield Rd.

I am against the greenway idea if it means taking our property. We have a duplex and home on Jameston Drive and have lived here for twenty-five (25) years and do not wish to move or sell.
-Judy Jones
1714 Jameston Dr.

If you want to connect Freedom Park south to the vacated land along Westfield Road, why not install sidewalks along the existing streets and roads in the front of our homes. It will serve the purpose and will be quicker and cheaper than taking all the homes. I am not interested in moving. What affect will your project have on my taxes?

What is your timetable to complete the greenway south of Freedom Park? Officials at the meeting today say doing something at a higher cost is not a consideration. I want to know why you officials seem so irresponsible with our tax money. Have your next meeting in a logical place!
-Mel Jones
1714 Jameston Dr.


I am not in favor of people being run out of their homes. I vote NO!
-Katherine Hartman
1728 Jameston Dr.

Very concerned about the foot traffic that may occur on our quiet dead end street and the increased auto traffic that will occur in trying to access the greenway.
-(no signature)
Devon Dr.

I bought my property for the privacy. I do not want strangers walking through my back yard and do not want a greenway through my back yard.
-C.J. McMullen
1463 Townes Rd.

I would like to see Westfield a tranquil cul de sac.
-Mary Jane Rosenthal
3125 Westfield Rd.

This is a horrible idea. Calling this plan a greenway is a deceit. What planning envisions as concrete and landscaping and an improved environment for development and retail spaces; our neighborhood doesn't need. It will cause pollution (fertilizer, mowing, etc.) and give the vagrants that already occupy Freedom Park more room to move into the neighborhood. It will cut the area between Park Road and the creek off from the neighborhood and encourage the commercialism already creeping in and threatening Park Road. No one is going to use the greenway to walk anywhere. At this meeting the parking lot was full. The existing river walk from the park to Morehead is unused because of the possibility of being mugged. Please don't waste our money and ruin our neighborhood for the sake of an ill-conceived vision of a peaceful stroll from the world class uptown. I must repeat this is a waste of money and it's only true purpose appears to be the expansion of Park & Recreation's "empire" and to open up our neighborhood to the benefit ($$$) of developers.
-Laurene Rhyne
1220 Yale Pl.

We won't be able to attend the meeting but wanted to express this. We think it seems wise to purchase as soon as possible the block of houses between the ones already purchased and demolished. Fix up that section of greenway and continue with complete greenway plans. It would be a wonderful start to a project that would add beauty, nature and availability to enjoy the outdoors for many Charlotteans.
-Wally & Geoffrey Gant
3808 Haven Dr.


Office Location:

Mecklenburg County
Park and Recreation
5841 Brookshire Blvd
Charlotte, NC 28216


Hours: Mon-Fri  8 a.m. - 5 p.m.


Park Planning