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​​Mecklenburg County Supports Recycling at CMS Schools

​Many people don't know that recycling is mandatory in the CMS District. Click this link to the Recycling Ordinance for details.

Mecklenburg County's School Recycling team is ready to provide CMS with extensive assistance to establish an active and healthy school recycling program. Call us for:
  • Classroom, hallway, cafeteria and administrative area recycling containers
  • Posters that list all eligible recycling materials to post above the containers
  • Consultation for the best placements for containers and posters
  • Lesson plans on recycling, litter prevention and composting for use in school curricula
  • Guidance on arranging field trips to County recycling facilities
  • Speakers
  • Assistance with establishing or providing content for environmental clubs
  • Suggestions for recycling or donating special circumstance items such as equipment or electronics, books, or hazardous waste materials
Find out which materials are accepted for recycling within your school by clicking here.
Contact Waste Reduction Recycling or call 980-314-3861 for any of your school recycling questions or needs.
Resources to Start a Recycling Program in Your School
Be Cool - Recycle in School

Questions or Problems With Your Trash or Recycling Pick-Ups?
Recycling Dumpsters are emptied on Monday and Thursday each week. The schedule for emptying trash containers is specific to each school. If you have questions regarding your schedule, or are having a problem with a pick-up, contact 980​-314-3870.




Office Location:

2145 Suttle Avenue
Charlotte, NC 28208


Hours: Disposal Site Hours Mon-Sat 7 a.m - 4 p.m.


General Inquiries
311 or 980-314-3867