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​Summary of Source Separation Ordinance

Responsibilities of the businesses that generate more than 16 cubic yards of trash per week:

  • Separate and recycle corrugated cardboard and office paper separate from their trash
  • Contract with a vendor to pick up their segregated corrugated cardboard and office paper 


  • Contract with a certified mixed waste recycler that will separate the commingle corrugated cardboard and office paper from the business trash 
  • Take these materials to a County owned recycling center.

What are the exemptions to the Ordinance?

  • Businesses that contract less than 16 cubic yards of trash per week.
  • Businesses that generate less than 500 pounds of corrugated cardboard per month 
  • Businesses that generate less than 500 pounds of office paper per month 
  • Source separation is not required if doing business from a temporary location 
  • Businesses may apply for an exemption if physical constraints preclude compliance with the ordinance. 
  • Businesses may be exempted if compliance with the ordinance would require them to violate codes or regulations such as the Zoning Ordinance.

What are the penalties for non-compliance?
  •  A civil penalty of $50 per day will be assessed if a business fails to comply with the ordinance within thirty days of receiving the third notice of violation. 

Read the Mecklenburg County Source Separation Ordinance


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