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Compost/Mulch and Yard Waste Information

Full-Service Recycling Centers: 

Hours of Operation : Monday-Saturday: 7am-4pm; Sundays: Closed. 

Foxhole Recycling Center 
17131 Lancaster Highway
Charlotte, NC 28277
12300 N. Statesville Road
Huntersville, NC 28078

Charlotte, NC 28215
140 Valleydale Road
Charlotte, NC 28214 

We pride ourselves on producing quality compost and mulch. To ensure this, we do not accept yard waste with items contaminated with paint, plastic, metal, tree stumps, large root balls, sod, or dirt. Root balls smaller than a basketball are acceptable.

Purchase Compost and Mulch
All products are sold on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Delivery is limited to Mecklenburg County only for a fee.

  • Finished Compost: $20/cy – Compost is beneficial for the land in many ways, including as a soil conditioner, a fertilizer and as a natural pesticide for soil.  Our stock is tested regularly to ensure it is weed seed and pathogen free. 
  • Double Hammered Mulch: $15/cy – This is wood “stick” mulch that has been run through our hammer-mill system two times.  It is less stringy than single hammered mulch and is great for plant bedding.    
  • Single Hammer Mulch: $10/cy –A chunkier product than the Double Hammered.
  • Wood Nuggets: $13.50/cy – The deep dark brown "woodchip like" by-product of our compost screening process.

Bring us your Yard Waste

 Mecklenburg County residents and businesses can self-haul yard waste to any of the Four Full-service centers for a fee based on the amount of material. This is a per visit/unit fee.

Vehicle Type County Resident w/sticker Non-resident/commercial/no sticker
Any vehicle with less than 2-32 gallons trash bags of Yard WasteNo Charge$8.50 per unit
  • Any vehicle with more than 2-32 gallon trash bags of yard waste, but no loads piled higher than 2 feet.

$8.50 per unit

$15.00 per unit
  • Any vehicle with built up sides, loads greater than 3 cubic yards,

logs over 8in. in diameter

$3.50/cubic yard measured

$5.30/cubic yard measured
All vehicles type weighted$25/ton or $8.50 load minimum$25/ton or $15.00 load minimum

Vehicles hauling ONLY pre-

chipped wood materials


$15/ton or $3.25/cubic yard

($15.00 minimum charge)

Fees are subject to change without notice.

Other acceptable Materials:

  • Leaves (unbagged please)
  • Brush (unbagged please)
  • Grass Clippings (unbagged please)
  • Clean pallets less than 5' in length
  • Limbs less than 5' in length
  • Bamboo less than 5' in length