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​Mecklenburg County Full-Service Enhanced Recycling


Mecklenburg County Solid Waste Management Program has Enhanced Recycling that will only be accepted at the four Full-Service Recycling Centers

What is Enhanced Recycling?

Enhanced Recycling consists of recycling "additional" items at our Full-Service Centers that are not allowed in traditional Curbside Recycling Containers. Enhanced recycling includes:

    • White Rigid Foam, also known as "Expanded Polystyrene (EPS).
    • Shredded Paper
    • Hard and Soft Back Books
    • Please note that Enhanced Recycling Items are not accepted in curbside recycling. For acceptable curbside recycling items, please visit: What Can and Can't I Recycle Curbside.


Recycle Your White Rigid Foam with Mecklenburg County Foam-A-Saurus Rex


Bring us your rigid foam! Mecklenburg County Solid Waste will accept your white rigid foam in the specially marked bins at our Full-Service Centers. Look for "REX" the dinosaur. After getting dropped into Rex's special boxes at the Full-Service Recycling Centers, the foam will be found and melted down into a special densifier machine. That machine makes the foam material into dense ingots to ship to market. Additional information can be found on foam recycling by visiting MeckFoam.

Here's a little more information:

White Rigid Foam is: 

    • Also called Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) and is very common packing material.
    • Generally used as packaging material for televisions, appliances, and furniture.
    • Usually white in color and is not "flexible", meaning it will break when bent.
    • Also used for take-out food containers.
    • We need ALL materials to be clean, we cannot accept soiled food containers.

The White Rigid Foam MUST be clean! Food packaging in foam containers MUST be thoroughly washed before placing in the special Rex Bin. NO food residue can remain.


Hard, Soft & Text Books


Bring us your Hard and Soft Back Books! Do you have books that are not suitable for donation, out of date or damaged? Our Full-Service Centers have special collection boxes now for books. If you have books you need to get rid of, but not quite sure what to do with them, then this is an option for you!

Before you throw them out, we have the answer for you!

If the books have reached the end of practical use, drop them in the special book recycling bin at the Full-Service Centers. Here are some important tips for your to remember:

  1. Find the Full-Service Recycling Drop Off Center closest to you.
  2. Remove any plastic inserts in books or things like Compact discs. The cover, spine, glues, and plastics are not conducive to recycling.
  3. Place the books in the specially marked containers.
  4. Magazines can also be placed in this bin, but no plastic bags or plastic materials.


Shredded Paper


    • Shredded paper will only be accepted at the Full-Service Recycling Centers. Remember curbside containers should not contain shredded paper.
    • Dump your pre-shredded paper in the specially marked bin.
    • Do not put "plastic bags" of your shredded paper in our collection bins. If your bring the shredded paper in bags, you will need to empty the contents into the correct bin. Paper bags are acceptable. Shredded paper should be clean, loose, and dry. Plastic bags are not acceptable in our system! You may deliver the shredded paper in a paper bag. Paper bags are OK.

The shredded paper will be bailed and sent for further processing into recycled products.


Textile Recycling  


Do you have clothing, sheets, shoes, or other textiles that you want to recycle?

We now have the answer for you. Our Full-Service Recycling Centers have special bins to accept textiles. Textiles include:

    • Clothing
    • Sheets
    • Towels
    • Shoes (try to tie together)

These textiles will get sorted and repurposed. If it is too big for the textile bin, then it will need to go somewhere else at our Center. Always ask one of our attendants if you have a question while at our Centers.


Additional information about Enhanced Recycling can be found by visiting MeckFoam or by clicking here.

For questions or more information on enhanced recycling, e-mail us at: SolidWaste or call our information line at: (980) 314-3867.


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