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​Business Hazardous Waste

Businesses tend to generate more hazardous waste than households, and their wastes can be quite different from what a household would have. Because of this, businesses are not given the same "exemption" that residences enjoy.  To state it bluntly, the same items that are OK at home to dispose of with your trash are likely not OK for a business to dispose with their trash.

Mecklenburg County Full-Service Drop-Off centers are permitted by the State to only accept hazardous materials from residential households. The centers cannot accept hazardous waste generated by any businesses, school, management companies, or churches.  If the material was not purchased and then used by a resident, it cannot be accepted at one of our Household Hazardous Waste Centers

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Examples of hazardous waste:

  • Acids
  • Paint thinners, stains, waxes
  • Pool Chemicals
  • Automotive fluids, gasoline
  • Rechargeable Batteries
  • Fluorescent and CFL light bulbs

Why do I need to handle these items differently?

First and foremost, it is the law.  EPA and State regulations are specific and can leverage substantial penalties.  The EPA guide Managing your Hazardous Waste, A Guide for Small Business is a tool designed to help businesses decide whether hazardous waste regulation are applicable to their operations; how to manage on-site hazardous waste;  and how to arrange for proper disposal of various quantities of hazardous waste.

If your business generates a small quantity of hazardous waste, you may qualify to participate in the Very Small Quantity Generator program (formerly known as CESQG). If you do not qualify, you will need to contact a disposal company to arrange for hazardous waste collection.

Mecklenburg County contracts the transport and handling of hazardous waste collected at the Full-Service Recycling Drop-Off Centers and at the VSQG events with ECOFlo.

Very Small Quantity Generator are held on specific dates (Generally on a Quarterly Basis) from 8 AM to 3 PM at Mecklenburg County Tire & Metal Facility, located at:

5740 Rozzelles Ferry Road

Charlotte, NC 28208

Our next event is tentative scheduled for Mid-September. These events are not free, but generally have a reduced cost vs. having a specialty collection firm come to your place of business. To view ECOFlo price list, click here.

Businesses must prequalify prior to any event by completing the forms below:

Business HAZMAT Disposal Registration Form 2-26-2020.pdf

For additional information, including the event dates, contact

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Office Location:

2145 Suttle Avenue
Charlotte, NC 28208


Hours: Disposal Site Hours Mon-Sat  7 a.m. - 4 p.m.


General Inquiries
311 or 980-314-3867

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