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​Yard Debris Self-Haul Information

 Mecklenburg County residents and businesses can self-haul their Yard Debris to any of the Mecklenburg County Full-Service Centers for a fee based on the amount of material. This is a per visit and per unit fee.

As a county resident, you may have curbside Yard Debris collection where you live.  Mecklenburg County DOES NOT collect any materials curbside. Your City or Town or paid waste licensed hauler  does that for you.  If you have materials that you self haul to a Mecklenburg County  Full-Service Center, the below price schedule will apply.

If you self haul to a Mecklenburg County Full-Service Center, we prefer you bring the material in Kraft paper bags. These bags are compostable and break down without contaminating the finished composted product.

We DO NOT accept yard debris in plastic bags. Plastic bags DO NOT break down, and are a contaminant in the finished composted product. Please do not use plastic bags. 

Vehicle TypeCounty Resident w/stickerNon-resident/commercial/no sticker
Any vehicle with the equivalent of  less than two-32 gallons bag of Yard Debris.No Charge$8.50 per unit
  • Any vehicle with the equivalent of more than two-32 gallon bags of  Yard Debris, but no loads piled higher than 2 feet.

$8.50 per unit

$15.00 per unit
  • Any vehicle with built up sides; loads greater than 3 cubic yards;

     logs over 8in. in diameter

$3.50/cubic yard measured

$5.30/cubic yard measured
All vehicles type weighted$25/ton or $8.50 load minimum$25/ton or $15.00 load minimum

Vehicles hauling ONLY pre-chipped wood materials


$15/ton or $3.25/cubic yard

($15.00 minimum charge)

Fees may change on July 1 of each year.

What Yard Debris is acceptable at the County's Drop Off Centers?

  • Leaves, (unbagged please)
  • Brush (unbagged please) 
  • Grass Clippings (unbagged please)
  • Clean pallets less than 5' in length (not painted or treated)   
  • Limbs less than 5' in length 
  • Bamboo less than 5' in length
  • Small Root-Balls that are smaller than a basketball are acceptable at the Full Service Centers

Compost Central and Foxhole accepts trees with diameters up to 48 inches; Hickory Grove and North Mecklenburg accepts trees with diameters up to 24 inches.


Office Location:

2145 Suttle Avenue
Charlotte, NC 28208


Hours: Disposal Site Hours Mon-Sat  7 a.m. - 4 p.m.


General Inquiries
311 or 980-314-3867

close alert Health Alert: To prevent spread of COVID-19, County services are operating at a limited capacity.