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​DIY Home Remodeling & Construction

Construction and Demolition Recycling in Mecklenburg County 

Building a home, remodeling or just building a deck? Many construction and demolition (C&D) wastes can be recycled.

• Land clearing debris is ground into mulch.
Concrete and asphalt are ground and reused.
Clean wood and metals are recyclable too.

Recycling your construction/demolition wastes may save you and your contractor money in addition to being good for our environment; however, pre-planning is needed.

Do-It-Yourself Check List

  • Plan the job carefully.
  • Buy only what you need.
  • Anticipate what materials you will have as wastes.
  • Save leftover material for later use if feasible.
  • Do not store wood under the house.
  • Determine if you can donate material to someone that can use it.
  • Habitat for Humanity may be able to use some items.
  • Decide which items may be recycled if not suitable for reuse.
All the items (except gypsum drywall and shingles) listed on the Construction Recycling 101 page are potentially recyclable by the homeowner. Small quantities, however, are not always economically transported to recycling locations.

Small loads of construction/demolition debris may be disposed by residents at several of the County's full service drop centers.

See our list of landfill locations and other details.

Residents of the incorporated municipalities of Mecklenburg County may wish to contact their city/town solid waste officials for information on possible pick up of materials generated by "homeowner repair".
Do It Yourself Home Remodeling and Deconstruction

Deconstruction is the systematic dismantling of a building versus old style demolition practices. Materials generated in the deconstruction and remodeling process are more suitable for salvage and recycling.

Habitat ReStores accept used building materials from remodeling, deconstruction and demolition projects. Many items are accepted including doors, windows, cabinets, plumbing, tile, furniture and some appliances. Items/materials must be suitable for resale. Pickup is sometimes available. Call ReStore for details or check out the website at

Habitat Re-Store
3326 Wilkinson Blvd. or 1133 N. Wendover Rd., Charlotte, NC
(704)392-4495 Donation Hotline

Please address your questions or comments to Michael Talbert at 980-314-3868​.

Why Recycle?

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