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Scheduled Plan Review


Scheduled Plan Review is Mecklenburg County's latest plan review option that gives customers the ability to control their permitting and construction schedule. With Scheduled Plan Review, customers will know exactly when a review will be performed and how long it will take.

The vast majority of projects are too large or complex for CTAC Review and will be channeled through the Scheduled Plan Review program to be conducted by a team of reviewers. Most Scheduled Plan Reviews entail no more than eight hours of review time for each trade. The most crucial step in this process is allocating the required review time.

Scheduled Plan Review - Step by Step

Step 1 - Application

Submit an OnSchedule application through the Electronic Plans Management System (EPM). The Plans Examiners will determine the length of review time needed.

Mecklenburg County Code Enforcement requires all OnSchedule Plan Review projects to pay the estimated permit fee based on the estimated construction cost provided on the OnSchedule application prior to submitting the project for plan review.

To schedule a Preliminary Review, please complete the Preliminary Review application through the Electronic Plans Management system.

Address Verification for Plan Submittal

Lead Time Chart

Application questions?
Call one of the OnSchedule Coordinators at   980-314-CODE(2633)‚Äč

Step 2 -
Review Slot notification:

If the submitted data is sufficient, the EPM system will notify the customer through their dashboard of the following:

The customer should confirm the selected Scheduled Review slot.  If the date is not acceptable, the customer may decline the appointment and it will be rescheduled.

If the submitted data is insufficient, to enable the Plans Examiner to assign a review time, the customer will be notified on their dashboard of the information required to complete the estimation.

Cancellation Policy:  A project scheduled for review must be cancelled at least 5 days prior to the scheduled review date.  

If cancellation notice is not given with in the described guidelines above, the applicant is responsible for paying a cancellation fee.  The fee shall be based on the number of hours scheduled for the appointment.

NOTE:  If an appointment is booked within 2 days of the appointment time, the same cancellation policy applies. 

Step 3  -  Submitting drawing package:

All documents for Scheduled Review must be uploaded and be accepted for review by noon two days before the date of scheduled review. If you are submitting paper drawings, this deadline increases to five days before the date of scheduled review.

Please click for information on:

Packaging of Drawings
Uploading Project Files:  Quick Guide (PDF)   Detailed Guide (PDF) 

Customers should note it is critical to successfully upload the drawing package and pay the fees by the deadline noted on the schedule memo found on the Electronic Plan Management dashboard.

Step 4  -  Plan review is performed.

If plans are Approved:

A permit will be issued the day after the review, subject to completion of the permit application and outside agency approval.

If plans are Not Approved:

If plans are not approved, revised plans must re-enter the system after addressing review comments.


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