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Preliminary Meeting vs. Scoping Meeting

A "Preliminary Meeting" is a Customer requested one-hour meeting attended by the Customer, invitees of the Customer and the Plans Examiners representing each trade. In most cases, the plans are in the design phase and the meetings are intended to provide a brief yet informative overview of the project. Specific code and project related questions may be addressed to those in attendance if desired by the customer. A "Preliminary Meeting" may be scheduled by completing a Preliminary Review application through our Electronic Plans Management system.

Preliminary Meeting

When scheduling "Preliminary Meetings", at the time of the request the Customer must provide an agenda and the number of attendees that will be people the meeting so that the Project Coordinator can make arrangements for appropriate meeting facilities. After the Project Coordinator has received the request, he/she will schedule the "Preliminary Meeting" after synchronizing the calendars of the Plans Examiners. The Project Coordinator will inform the Customer of the assigned date and time of the meeting through the Electronic Plans Management system. A missed "Preliminary Meeting" may result in financial penalties if the Project Coordinator is not informed of the cancellation in advance or if, once informed, the Project Coordinator is unable to fill the vacated slot.

Please visit our Preliminary Review Page for full details on the requirements for a preliminary review meeting.

Scoping Meeting​

A "Scoping Meeting" is the term given to a Plans Examiner(s) requested meeting. This type of meeting is solely intended to assist the Plans Examiner(s) in estimating the amount of time needed to review the construction documents during the OnSchedule Plan Review process. Often times the OnSchedule Plan Review application form does not accurately reflect or explain the scope of the project, thus making it difficult for the Plans Examiner (s) to determine how much time should be assigned to the project for plan review. A "Scoping Meeting" will help clarify these issues, improve the operation and allow us to better serve our customers. (Customers must provide one set of appropriate drawings with enough information to determine an estimated time.)


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