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Definitions - Commercial Plan Review

AE Pass Rate Program
- The A/E (Architect and Engineer) Pass Rate Incentives program goal is to support A&E's by moving them up in the plan review process because they take the profession and the OnSchedule process seriously, and have earned resulting high pass rates. Conversely, those professionals who abuse the OnSchedule process will move back, until they improve. This page defines the program and how it will work.

Approved as Noted - Interactive Review - Approved as Noted and Interactive Review are programs that allow minor code issues to be resolved on the first review.

Code Defect Library - The code defect library has been created from a list of the most common technical code defects in each trade. The intent of this information is to assist in the education and clarification of common code defects found on job sites and in the review of plans.

CTAC - Commercial Technical Assistance Center - The CTAC area is a multi faceted group that provides four main services.
1. CTAC provides general code interpretation over the phone and in person to customers. It is not intended to be a second opinion on a code interpretation already given by a plans examiner or inspector.
2. CTAC performs small project plan review on a first come first serve basis.
3. Interior and Total Demolition permits are issued through the CTAC area
4. Walk Thru single trade sub permits are issued through the CTAC area.

Electronic Plan Management (EPM) - The Electronic Plan Management System (EPM) is a work flow tool that will allow architects, engineers, and designers the ability to oversee their projects through the plan review and permitting department from their offices.

This application has features that allow you to submit commercial applications online and provides real-time tracking of your project as it progresses from estimation, scheduling, gate, plan review to permits. It is necessary to create an account for the firm prior to submitting an OnSchedule application. OnSchedule applications are not allowed to be faxed or dropped off. They must be submitted through EPM.

Express Plan Review - Express Plan Review is an optional plan review service that enables projects that are within the program's scope to accelerate the normal plan review process. This service will speed up the review process time from weeks to a single review session and in most cases, permits can be issued within two business days. There is an additional charge for this premium service.

Gatekeeper Information - Beginning July 1, 2009, commercial projects entering the Mecklenburg County Code Enforcement Plan Review process will no longer be subject to a formal gatekeeping review. Customers will be responsible for reviewing the self-gatekeeping checklist to ensure all necessary information is present on the construction drawings and all necessary accompanying paperwork is incorporated into the submittal sets.

Mega Projects - This page defines what projects are considered a Mega project and outlines the process required for plan review on a Mega project.

Plan Submittal Requirements - The Commercial Plans Submittal Requirements has been developed to give a clear understanding of the minimum requirements for submitting your project plans for review and to receive permits. This document is divided into three categories: Process Streams for Submittal, FULL/ADDITION (New Structures) and TENANT-UPFIT/ALTERATION/RENOVATION. Each category lists the necessary information that shall be provided from the designer(s) for the project by construction discipline. Including all of the minimum information that is applicable to your project will allow the plans examiners to efficiently review your submission and provide written comments.

Preliminary Plan Review - Preliminary plan reviews are an integral part of the design process for large and small projects. It is an opportunity to discuss code logic with the Commercial plans examiners prior to submitting the project for review.

Professional Certification - The Code Enforcement Department is interested in providing customers with another plan review option and more control over permitting time, while at the same time promoting professional responsibility for code compliance. To that end, Code Enforcement proposes initiating a commercial plan review Professional Certification Program component as a regular option available to projects with teams composed of qualifying professionals as the designers of record.

Revised Fee Policy/Abandoned Plans Policy - Beginning March 1, 2009, all OnSchedule Plan Review projects will be required to pay the estimated permit fee based on the estimated construction cost provided on the OnSchedule application prior to submitting the project for plan review. The fees may be paid by the Owner, Owner's representative, Architect, Engineer, or contractor. For new construction, please see our chart for square footage cost. This is located on the Publications Page under Building Permit Fee Calculations.

Revisions to Approved Plans (RTAP) - Mecklenburg County Code Enforcement now has several forms to guide the customer through the Revisions to Approved Plans (RTAP) process.

A Revisions to Approved Plan is defined as a change to the original approved project that is relatively minor in scope. Typically, the changes are driven by unforeseen field conditions, value engineering, or owner changes. Examples of such changes are: moving the location of a walls or doors or moving the location of ducts.

The Revisions to Approved Plans process should not be used for adding square footage to a project, upfitting an additional suite, or for adding significant new scope of work to the project.

In summary, plans should be re-submitted and reviewed for compliance if a permit has been issued for a project and code related changes to the approved set of plans are required. (NOTE: All scope changes do not require re-submittal of plans but should be addressed in the field with the Code Enforcement Official/Field Inspector.)

Scheduled Plan Review - Scheduled Plan Review (also referred to as OnSchedule Plan Review) is Mecklenburg County's primary plan review option that gives customers the ability to control their permitting and construction schedule. With Scheduled Plan Review, customers will know exactly when a review will be performed and how long it will take. This page outlines the process to submit a project through the OnSchedule Review process.



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