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Residential Sales Trailer Permitting Process

Code Enforcement | City Engineering | City Zoning | County Fire and City Fire | County Zoning

> Code Enforcement - General Requirements


Address Verification Form

Commercial Permit Application Completed (Building Permit) including:

  • Plumbing Contractor with License # and Construction Cost
  • Electrical Contractor with License # and Construction Cost
  • Building Contractor with License # and Construction Cost

Modular Drawings: Provide Two Complete Sets of Drawings Third Party with NC Engineered Seals

  • Provide two (2) Complete Sets of Drawings
  • Plans are required to be sealed by an Architect or Engineer (NC General statute 83-A 13)
  • All plans will be on 18" x 24" paper or larger drawn to scale (maximum paper size 36" x 48")

Electrical Riser Diagram: (see Plan Submittal Guide link below, page 32)

Plumbing/Water/Sewer: (see Plan Submittal Guide link below, page 31)

Sanitary sewer connections must be provided and shown:

  • Public sewer or Septic tank connection or NCDENR approved storage pump tank

Potable water connection to the trailer:

  • Public meter connection or private well (Note: There are no time limits on public or private sewer and water connections. NCDENR approved sewage pump tank is limited to 180 days).

Site Plan (see Plan Submittal Guide link below, page 23)

  Appendix B is required by the State of NC (see Plan Submittal Guide link below, page 22)

Sales Trailer must be fully accessible for the handicapped (ramp or lift)

Plan Submittal Guide

> City Engineering - Requirements

City Engineering Forms and Information

  • Summary of project/contact information for developer & design professional

Site Plan:  1 copy to City Engineering. Upon receipt, City Engineering notifies contact person(s) of any additional submittal/review fee requirements.

Storm Water Review: Required if greater than 20,000 sq. ft. of impervious surface or gravel

Grading Permit: Required if 1 acre or more of land to be disturbed

City Driveway Review: Required for any commercial site (including temporary sales offices)

NCDOT Review: Required for driveway connection (or change of "use" to existing D/W connections) to NCDOT maintained streets.

City Review Period: Normal review is 15 business days. 5-Day Expedited Review option available (contact City Engineering for details)

> City Zoning - Requirements

Setbacks/yards shown and labeled

Parking meeting The City of Charlotte Zoning Code Section 12.202 and design criteria of the Land Development Standards Manual (LDSM)

City of Charlotte Zoning Code Chapter 12

Location of backflow (above ground devices must be located out of setback)

Approved final or preliminary subdivision plat (showing Planning Staff's approved stamp)

Screening of parking if more than 10 cars - Zoning Code Section 12.303

If unit is proposed to be located on site for more than 12 months, the unit must comply with Zoning Code Section 12.528 requiring masonry foundation enclosure with submitted plans showing detail of method of enclosure.

If unit is proposed for less than 12 months, the masonry foundation enclosure is waived provided the following language is reproduced on the plans: "The proposed modular sales office will be removed within 12 months of the date of the permit issuance. If the modular unit has not been removed at the end of that time period, Code Section 12.528 of the City of Charlotte Zoning Ordinance will apply, and the modular unit will be brought into compliance with this provision."

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Planning Department​

  > County Fire and City Fire (Charlotte) Requirements

Portable Fire Extinguisher(s) per International Fire Code (IFC) Section 906

If Trailer is less than 1000 square feet no review required.

If Trailer is over 1000 square feet:

  • Fire Access road must be a minimum of 20' wide clear (IFC Appendix D)
  • Dead end travel distance for fire apparatus may not exceed 150' without turnaround. Turning radii are 30 feet inside and 42 feet outside (IFC Appendix D)
  • Gated site: Knox Box (permit) required for fire access. Call Fire Prevention at 704-336-2101. The minimum gate width shall be 20 feet (IFC Appendix D)
  • Access fire road with an asphalt, concrete or other approved driving surfaces capable of supporting the imposed load of fire apparatus weighing at least 80,000 pounds (IFC Appendix D)
  • Fire apparatus access roads shall not exceed 10% in grade. Grade steeper than 10% as approved by the Fire Chief (IFC Appendix D)
  • Fire hydrant required with 750 feet of most remote point of building as truck travels. Call Fire Prevention (704) 336-2101.
    • (IFC) Appendix C & Appendix B)

City Fire Department

> County Zoning - Requirements

Individual towns  may have their own requirements:

Matthews: County issues permits

Pineville: County issues permits

Mint Hill: Town approval of the temporary permit. $25.00 processing fee and $500 bond prior to County issuing permit

Huntersville: County issues permits

Davidson: Town signs off on zoning

Cornelius: Town signs off on zoning ​


Mailing Address:

Mecklenburg County Code Enforcement
2145 Suttle Avenue
Charlotte, NC 28208

Office Location:

2145 Suttle Avenue
NC 28208


Hours: Mon-Fri 8 a.m - 5 p.m.


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