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Mecklenburg County Community Health Assessment 

 About the Community Health Assessment

The Mecklenburg Community Health Assessment (CHA) is conducted once every four years to provide an overview of selected health indicators across the county includes community prioritization to identify the health issues needing the greatest attention. In 2017, Mecklenburg County Public Health began collecting community input on our health issues through a health opinion survey, community prioritization sessions and our priority setting event. Input gathered from those three methods were combined and the top 4 issues identified in the 2017-2018 CHA prioritization process were:

  1. Mental Health
  2. Access to Care
  3. Chronic Disease Prevention
  4. Violence Prevention


2017 CHA
2017-2018 CHA - no appendix 


53 pages, suitable for printing

For full version with appendix, see "More Resources" below.

More Resources:

2017-2018 CHA - with appendix (150 pages)

2017-2018 CHA - summary (2 pages)

2017-2018 CHA - appendix ONLY (97 pages)

Data Presentations from the December 8  2017 Priority Setting Event

2013-2014 CHA

2010-2011 CHA


Next Steps

Community action planning to address the top 4 issues will begin soon. Final action plans will be completed in September 2018. For more information about the action planning process or the CHA, contact


If you need additional data, please fill out our data request form.


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Mecklenburg County Public Health
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