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​​Tee​n and Youth

Teen and Youth Services​

Assistance(Food, Money, Transportation and Housing)​

Child Support

Community Outreach and Social Work

Medical Needs

Safety(Facilities,Food and Water)


Assistance (Food, Money, Transportation and Housing)

Food & Nutrition Services
​Provides assistance to households with limited income and resources.

Transportation Assistance
Provides a variety of transportation services to Mecklenburg County residents.

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Child Support

Establishment of Paternity
​A legal responsibility for a child must exist before a father can be pursued for support of the child. If no such responsibility has been determined, paternity must first be established. Under North Carolina law, paternity can be established at any time prior to a child's eighteenth (18th) birthday.

Establishment of Support Obligation (Child & Medical)
It establishes the legal obligation for support or maintenance of a child up to the age of majority under the law of the issuing state.

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Community Outreach and Social Work

Adoption and Foster Care
Information about being a foster parent, adoption, post adoptive services and related services.

Child Development-Community Policing (CD-CP)
Coordinated multi-system teams that intervene to support families with children exposed to violence and trauma to prevent the many difficulties that can result from such experiences.

Child Care
Provides subsidized childcare for low-income working parents, parents engaged in workforce preparedness training, participants in Work First, Child Protective Services cases, and Smart Start parents (working poor and teens). 

Community Support Services – Children’s Services
Provides counseling, support and education to children and youth affected by domestic violence and dating abuse in the hopes of ending the cycle of abuse.

Do the Write Thing
Do the Write Thing Violence Prevention program, in partnership with the National Campaign to Stop Violence, gives middle school students an opportunity to examine, discuss and write about the impact of youth violence on their lives, and motivates students to make a personal commitment, in writing, to help prevent and reduce youth violence in their home, school, and communities.

LoveSpeaksOut Violence Prevention program engages, educates, and empowers youth to speak out against teen dating violence to create a world where all teens experience healthy relationships.

Protective Services
Ensures that children are safe and that their basic needs are being met.

Teen Dating Violence Prevention Violence Prevention program in partnership with Time Out Youth, schools, community and youth addressing topics. Including: skills for healthy relationships, conflict resolution, recognizing dating abuse, media literacy, how to help a friend, and understanding the resources available.

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Medical Needs

Communicable Disease Control
Investigates reportable foodborne diseases, waterborne diseases, vector-borne diseases, respiratory diseases, sexually transmitted diseases, diseases spread by animals, vaccine-preventable diseases and outbreaks; develops and implements disease control measures; conducts communicable disease surveillance; and provides educational and consultative services to health care providers, child care providers, schools, businesses and the veterinary community.

Community Alternatives Program for Children (CAP-C)
Community Alternatives Program for Medically Fragile Children provides case management services to Medicaid-eligible children from birth to age 20 who meet the qualifications to be placed in an institutional setting and their family/caregiver would like for them to remain in the home setting.

Dental Care
We have a pediatric dental clinic and in school services like screenings for children ages 17 and younger.

Family Planning/Pregnancy Testing
Locate information on birth control methods and other family planning services including pregnancy testing.

HIV Case Management 18 and Up
Assists community members living with HIV in need of resources to connect to care, medication services, and other needs.

HIV Medication Services (needs link)
Provides information on services to connect HIV positive community members to medication services, such as the AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP), Medicaid, or private insurance options.

HIV Patient Navigation Services 18 and Up (Needs Link)
Provides information on services to link newly diagnosed HIV positive community members or those who are not in care to medical services.

HIV/STD Education
Provides information on accessing HIV and STD education for community groups.

HIV/STD Testing in Community
Find information on HIV and STD screening offered around Mecklenburg County at a variety of locations and alternative hours- no appointment needed.

HIV/STD Testing Walk-In Availability at Both Clinics
Find times for free walk-in HIV and STD testing at both Public Health locations- no appointment needed.

Offers different ways that may help pay for some or all of the cost of health care. Each program helps people and families with certain health needs, and income and resource limits

Pregnancy Care Management
Provides case management services to Medicaid and Medicaid eligible pregnant women in Mecklenburg County throughout their pregnancy until the baby is 2 months old.

Refugee Health
Persons who have been processed through the United States Department of Immigration and Naturalization and granted official status as a Refugee, Parolee or Asylee and are relocating to Mecklenburg County are eligible for certain health exams and screenings.

Routine Immunizations
Mecklenburg County Public Health offers a variety of routine immunizations for adults and children.

School Health
The School Health Program supports Charlotte-Mecklenburg School system through needs assessment, case management, health education and professional consultation in order to remove health related barriers to learning, maximize students' potential for learning and participation in school, foster lifelong health skills, and improve the quality of life.

STD Clinic
Offers counseling and treatment services to Mecklenburg County Residents and anyone who suspects they have been exposed to a sexually transmitted disease or wish to be screened for possible exposure may visit one of two Health Department locations and be seen by appointment.

Travel Immunizations
The travMECK Foreign Travel Clinic is equipped to provide a number of key services for travelers. Our travel clinic offers pre-travel advice, travel related prescriptions and vaccinations.

Tuberculosis Control
This program provides testing for persons suspected of or diagnosed with Tuberculosis Disease or Infection and for persons who request a TB skin test and also provides directly-observed medication therapy (DOT) to all active tuberculosis cases in Mecklenburg County.

Women, Infants, and Children (WIC)
WIC provides healthy foods, basic nutrition services and breastfeeding support to eligible pregnant, breastfeeding, and postpartum women, as well as infants and children up to age 5.

Safety (Facilities, Food and Water)​

Petting Zoo Safety
A child care provider’s guide to Petting Zoos, Farms, And Other Animal Settings.

Swimming Pool Safety
Be pool safe. Learn how to operate and use a pool safely.
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