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​​Sen​ior Services

Assistance (Food, Money, Transportation and Housing)

J1C – Just one call
This is a one-stop source of information and assistance for seniors and adults with disabilities living in Mecklenburg County, N.C., as well as their families and professional caregivers - wherever they may reside. 

Coordinated Assessment
Coordinated Assessment staff co-located at the Urban Ministry Center, Salvation Army Center of Hope and the Charlotte Men’s Shelter provide assessment and referral for the adult homeless population. 

Food & Nutrition Services
Provides assistance to households with limited income and resources. 

Homeless Resource Center
The Homeless Resource Center is staffed by CSS and partners with local ministries to offer meals several times each week in a safe and secure facility with lavatories. The main use is adults but families and children do also use the program each month.

Homeless Veterans
A local collaboration of county and city government, state and federal veterans affairs, and non-profit agencies to accept First Lady Michelle Obama's Mayors Challenge to End Veteran Homelessness by the end of 2015

In-Home Aide
Provides personal care, home management, and respite services.

and other services in order to help individuals obtain stable housing and case services.

Moore Place
County staff at Moore Place, an Urban Ministry Center program, provide clinical services to residents of the 120 bed facility for formerly chronically homeless adults.

Senior Citizens Nutrition
Food in the form of nutritiously balanced meals made available to both homebound clients and mobile seniors.

Transportation Assistance
Provides a variety of transportation services to Mecklenburg County residents.

VA Home Loans
Eligibility criteria and application process in obtaining a Certificate of Eligibility (COE) from the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Veterans Services - Benefits
Qualifying veterans may be entitled to certain local, state, and federal Department of Veterans Affairs Benefits.

Child Support

Collection of Child Support Payments
Noncustodial parents and/or their employers can send child support payments to North Carolina Child Support Centralized Collections (NCCSCC), which processes and sends these payments to the appropriate custodial parents/payees. 

Enforcement of Child Support Obligation
There may be times when the parent makes partial payments, skips payments or never makes a payment. Child Support identifies these cases and utilizes several enforcement tools. 

Establishment of Support Obligation (Child & Medical)
It establishes the legal obligation for support or maintenance of a child up to the age of majority under the law of the issuing state.

Locating A Non-Custodial Parent
The noncustodial parent must be located by obtaining a residential address or employment address before any actions to establish paternity, establish support, or enforce a child support order can take place.

Community Outreach and Social Work

Adult Day Care
Provides an organized program of services during the day in a community group setting. 

Adult Social Work (Adult Protective Services, Caregiver Support Program, Guardianship)
Includes Adult Protective Services, Caregiver Support Program, and Guardianship. 

Building with Our Veterans
A program focused on recruiting and training military veterans who have building safety experience and construction skills for jobs as code officials. The goal is to meet staffing needs for on-going Mecklenburg County Code Enforcement functions, while providing an opportunity for unemployed and under-employed veterans to find long-term sustainable employment and continue to serve the community. 

Community Social Work
Provides services and programs for at-risk families, seniors and persons with disabilities who fall outside of protective services and public assistance services.

Community Support Services – Adult Services
Provides individual trauma-informed counseling and support groups to victims of domestic violence. 

Crisis Intervention Teams (CIT) - Jail Diversion
A pre-booking jail diversion program that is a community-based collaboration between law enforcement, mental health agencies, consumers and family members. 

Domestic Violence Speakers Bureau (DVSB)
Domestic Violence Speakers Bureau (DVSB) Violence Prevention Program, in partnership with Safe Alliance, engages, educates and empowers the community to prevent domestic violence. 

Kinship Care
A support program for grandparents and kinship family caregivers. 

Perpetrator Services (NOVA)
A 26-week state certified Batterer Intervention Program designed to provide educational information on how to change abusive behaviors toward intimate partners. 

Silent Witness National Initiative
A public awareness effort using life sized silhouettes that represent fallen victims of domestic violence. 

Substance Use Services
Services are designed to treat consumers with substance abuse as well as co-occurring mental health disorders.

Veterans Services – Benefits
Qualifying veterans may be entitled to certain local, state, and federal Department of Veterans Affairs Benefits.

Medical Needs

Birth and Death Certificates
Vital Records serves Mecklenburg County residents needing to obtain a certified or uncertified birth or death certificate that was registered in Mecklenburg County.

Communicable Disease Control
Investigates reportable foodborne diseases, waterborne diseases, vector-borne diseases, respiratory diseases, sexually transmitted diseases, diseases spread by animals, vaccine-preventable diseases and outbreaks; develops and implements disease control measures; conducts communicable disease surveillance; and provides educational and consultative services to health care providers, child care providers, schools, businesses and the veterinary community.

Community Alternatives Program for Disabled Adults (CAP-DA)
Provides case management services to Medicaid-eligible adults age 18 and over who meet the qualifications to be placed in a nursing facility and their family/caregiver would like for them to remain in the home setting. 

Family Planning/Pregnancy Testing
Locate information on birth control methods and other family planning services including pregnancy testing. 

HIV Case Managementv Assists community members living with HIV in need of resources to connect to care, medication services, and other needs.

HIV/STD Education
Provides information on accessing HIV and STD education for community groups.

HIV/STD Testing in Community
Find information on HIV and STD screening offered around Mecklenburg County at a variety of locations and alternative hours- no appointment needed.

HIV/STD Testing Walk-In Availability at Both Clinics
Find times for free walk-in HIV and STD testing at both Public Health locations- no appointment needed.

Offers different ways that may help pay for some or all of the cost of health care. Each program helps people and families with certain health needs, and income and resource limits.

Refugee Health​​
​Persons who have been processed through the United States Department of Immigration and Naturalization and granted official status as a Refugee, Parolee or Asylee and are relocating to Mecklenburg County are eligible for certain health exams and screenings.

Routine Immunizations
Mecklenburg County Public Health offers a variety of routine immunizations for adults and children.

Shelter Plus Care
The Shelter Plus Care Program, supported in part by HUD, provides housing and case services for adults with chronic homelessness and disability.

STD Clinic
Offers counseling and treatment services to Mecklenburg County Residents and anyone who suspects they have been exposed to a sexually transmitted disease or wish to be screened for possible exposure may visit one of two Health Department locations and be seen by appointment. 

Travel Immunizations
The travMECK Foreign Travel Clinic is equipped to provide a number of key services for travelers. Our travel clinic offers pre-travel advice, travel related prescriptions and vaccinations. 

This program provides testing for persons suspected of or diagnosed with Tuberculosis Disease or Infection and for persons who request a TB skin test and also provides directly-observed medication therapy (DOT) to all active tuberculosis cases in Mecklenburg County. 

VA Healthcare
Eligibility criteria and application process for VA Medical Care

Women, Infants, and Children (WIC)
WIC provides healthy foods, basic nutrition services and breastfeeding support to eligible pregnant, breastfeeding, and postpartum women, as well as infants and children up to age 5. 

Women’s Health
Offers Breast and Colorectal Screenings for women between 50-64 years old and Pap smears for women between 40-64.

Safety (Facilities, Food and Water)

Food Service Establishment Inspection Lookup
Lookup the ​results of Environmental Health inspections conducted on facilities in Mecklenburg County.

Drinking Water Well Information and Permitting
Visit our Groundwater & Wastewater Services Program for helpful information on, or permitting of, your Drinking Water Well.

Mosquito Control
Learn how to protect yourself from mosquitos and how to make your home less mosquito-friendly.

Septic System Information and Permitting
Have a Septic System? Visit our Groundwater & Wastewater Services Program for helpful information.

Tattoo and Body Piercings
Learn the facts about the practice of Tattooing and Body Piercing in Mecklenburg County.​